Monday, November 21, 2011

Best of Luck

While strolling in Harbor East I happened upon this bright and cheerful candy shop called Best of Luck the week of Halloween.

The colors are so cheerful. I'm dying for that yellow and white rug!

The shop has many different candy and chocolate options as well as retro candy that line the walls. Wax lips are one of my most favorite party favor for a photo booth area!

I had never seen Halloween Peeps before.

The vignette's were darling and suggested creative tablescapes with candy.

Lucky Thompson is the owner and I simply adore her name! She told me that her older brother named her and it stuck. The candy is sold by the pound and also in large buckets above the check out desk.

She has a friend that bakes all the packaged cookies and spiced pretzels. 

Wouldn't this be a delightful location for a party? Kids would go crazy. I think bachlorette's would swoon with a little champagne and pop rock combination!

Lucky has an assortment of bags that are themed with the season. You can call her and she can arrange the bags for your corporate group or kids party. I ran into her gifts at an art opening recently! I knew immediately they were made with luck.

I'm not a big candy person but have so many food memories as a child. I remember eating my first Whatchamacallit with my cousin Chris at the lake in Georgia. There was as rite of passage as a teenager when we were allowed to go to the gas station (via boat or car) without our parents and pick out any candy bar in the store.

Wishing you the best of luck and all the success in your darling location Lucky! It was wonderful meeting you.


Ella said...

I would have loved to be in that shop it looks very genuine.

JMW said...

What a fun place! The colors, the variety - it really draws you in! And, I've never seen Halloween Peeps either. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!