Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Road Trip: Terrain

This summer we drove up north for a little adventure. I couldn't BELIEVE how wild the Susquehanna River was when crossing. Do you remember those horrible storms and hurricane?

We were on the car phone with my pal Mary in Maine and I couldn't stop saying..."Oh my gosh, you would NOT believe this!" See Mare! Crazy.

We love road trips.

I make up stories about the people who live in old farm houses imagining big family meals around the table and some spooky guy living in the shed. Okay not really but I love checking out old farm houses.

There are so many stone houses in this part of the world.

It was a gorgeous Saturday and the road was calling us.

Our road trip brought us to Terrain, a garden center outside of Philadelphia where I could do major damage on cookbooks, gardening items, flowers and ferns. Katiecakes told us about it earlier this summer after our Asbury Park trip. We wanted to have dinner at the incredible restaurant. But alas, it was closed for a wedding.

We had thirty minutes to shop as they were setting the final touches for Jen and Jeff. I'm not sure who these folks were but loved the decor.

The pots and flowers were a unique backdrop for a wedding.

We were under dressed or may have stuck around and crashed. Ha! Totally kidding. That is not our style.

The wedding was set in one of the simple buildings and was rustic beyond words and so charming. The burlap runners were a neat touch juxtaposed with the fresh flowers in beakers and Ball jars.

How sweet is the lace around this burlap bouquet? I recall a wonderful event that won a design award for the Virginia is for Lovers campaign. It was an aphrodisiac designed party. There were rounds with burlap, twigs and leaves set for the masculine side and satin, linens and lace for the feminine tables. I wonder if this bride read about it from the early 90s?

Back inside the shop, each display was more fantastic than the next. I'm dying for these chairs. They have them at Talula's Garden in Philly.

They also have a great collection of Simon Pearce to purchase.

I asked if we could purchase some of the garden display boxes and was told NO. How dare they put them on display? I really don't like being told no and was in a bit of a mood as we drove all the way from Baltimore for 30 minutes of shopping, where the staff people wouldn't give us the time of day. We even called in advance and there wasn't a note on the phone message. I'm sorry, but if you are open, be nice and still offer good service, or CLOSE earlier.

I loved this garden box. NOT FOR SALE.

Since the restaurant was closed for the wedding we headed a mile away to The Blue Pear and sat at the bar. Our meal was delightful and the only photo I took was of the truffled popcorn. If only the web had scratch and sniff screens. Steve Jobs, are you listening in heaven? The scent of this popcorn is what dreams are made of seriously.

We had the nicest time and met these fabulous new friends, Jim and Dianne who were celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary. They skipped their dinner reservation to continue talking to us! It was so wonderful, we exchanged addresses so we could send each other Christmas cards. I'm completely turning into my Mother! I love any location that has such friendly people. 

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Ella said...

I can really understand the frustration when you want to buy something and they won't let you do it. There were so many beautiful things!