Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Liquid Earth

Life has been very blissful at Stone Hill Farm as of late. My Charlie has had a few days where he has been able to work from home. This means we've had a little more time together. Anyone who commutes knows what a drain it is on your sanity. My husband's commute is sometimes three hours a DAY! Poor lamb. Most days he arrives home at 8:45 pm. It's a bummer leaving the house when it is barely light out and returning in darkness.

Too keep us healthy, sane and bright we stopped by Liquid Earth after work a few Wednesday's ago. This raw, vegan bar is just what the detox ordered.

They specialize in fresh organic produce and great juice drinks.

There are a few tables in the restaurant or you can pull up to the juice bar.

All juices are served in these great Pyrex measuring cups. E. had the O.C. Loco with organic carrot, Granny Smith apple, celery, parsley and spirulina that is served in a sea salt rimmed glass. Is it bad that I think it would taste awesome with Sloop Betty Vodka? Kinda against the point of being so healthy, but still...that would be a killer Sunday Funday drank.

I enjoyed the Phat Beet. Word. There are Granny Smith's, Red Delicious Apples, Beets and Ginger in this Hot Pink goddess of goodness! Not only do I love the taste but I just feel happy to drink anything PINK!!!

Our server was so kind and spoke highly of the freshly made guac so we had to go for a little snack as well.

They literally mix the guacamole on-site moments before it hits the table. It was magically delicious. Kasia told us in our Detox class that avocado is very good for your gut. I think it is also good for the soul! Check out there adorable website here and visit them. Your gut will thank you.

Thank you Liquid Earth for existing! We love to juice at home but sometimes it's nice to have someone looking out for your best interest who will also clean up the juice pulp once all is said and done. Thank you universe for letting E. and I have a little more time together lately. We are now a one car family and feeling very Eco and getting quality time to and from the train station. Wishing everyone a healthy and restful Thanksgiving.

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JMW said...

That looks like a very cool place, that features a very cool concept. Hope you and your hubby get to enjoy some together-time over the holidays. A three-hour commute is beyond tough. Hang in there and Happy Thanksgiving!