Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Rain in Spain stays Mainely on the Plane

In the midst of a wild work month I was able to sneak away for a girls weekend in Maine. It was wonderful seeing friends who no matter where, no matter how long it has been since we've seen each other it is as if time stood still. I needed side splitting laughter with great friends and was so thankful that despite a crazy travel schedule I bucked up and bought the ticket for this perfect October weekend.

My friend Mary lives in Maine. She's just returned from three years in Brazil. It is so nice to have her home and be able to talk on the phone with her and fly just over one hour to see her! I visited her up north with our other pal Shannon about 9 years ago. It was great to be back. She took us to the ocean and I found this acorn. This simple, precious, tiny acorn just looked like a nugget of goodness on the cold, wet beach. It's now in my kitchen reminding me of this fun mini-break.

It was cold. The leaves were past their peak but fall hung in the air. Ah Maine, you gorgeous, gorgeous creature you.

Most of our time was spent in Bath, ME on the Kennebeck River.

Oh my Lord is this town charming! Every building seemed to have a more fabulous weather vane. The village screamed New England coastal town.

People stopped us on the street, chatted us up, asked us where we were from and were genuinely interested in why we were in town.

We took long walks and I was distracted by beauty at every turn.

The girls let me trail far behind. It was nice not being in a hurry.

The homes begged for a parade. Oh how I wish I had a Sotheby's realtor to take us inside this gorgeous abode.

It was wonderful to see how well maintained these vintage beauties were kept. The Bath Iron Works company is the largest employer in the state of Maine. 6,000 people help build ships in this modest and beautiful little town.

Our walks led to much laughter, merriment and leaf gazing. Shannon, Holly, Mary and Lily were my weekend companions. Shan and Mare met Hol in college.

Mary's home is only a few blocks from the river and the main street in town.

The schooner icon was everywhere.

Mary took us to visit a friend a few miles away. Her home was built in 1840 and the round windows on the second floor were from a ship! Stone Hill was built in 1840. It's neat to think of the similarities to our Mill Village and Bath's shipping village.

 The beveled glass windows have been preserved and reflected a beautiful sunset.

We dropped in on another neighbor who wasn't home.

There were historic markers on nearly every home downtown.

Some drank beer.

Other's had martini's.

More laughter ensued.

The fire pit wasn't ready yet, nor was the wood burning stove installed in time for our visit. Curses. Next time Mary, we are so getting our smores on out here.

This train track seemed like a Halloween nightmare waiting to happen. Spooky.

This reminded me of my cousin Tayloe's paintings.

More schooners.

I couldn't get enough of the darling gates in this town!

Charlie, isn't this divine?

Long rocky beaches...I couldn't get Barry Manilow out of my head all weekend. And we all couldn't stop singing our usual best-friend-playlist of Bye Bye BirdieThe Sound of Music and My Fair Lady (hence the post title)! Eric says I'm my most authentic self when I'm with these girls. When you've known people since you were eight it makes a difference.

It was fabulous being on the coast. Fun fact. Maine's coast as the crow flies is 280 miles. If you walked the coast it would be 2500 miles. If you walked each island and coast it is 5000 miles, larger than California!

Our long walks with Lily were the highlight for me. You can tell we've changed a bit when getting together isn't about sitting in a bar getting loud. We walked and sat around Mary's house and made sock monkey's!

Lily is a precious new addition to the Moran clan.

Hiya stupid!

Thanks again for the incredible hospitality Mary. Sorry I was so cold. I'm kind of a baby. But you knew that already. Your house is so, so cute and I can't wait for my month's vacation with you this summer! :) Shannon, I miss your face and loved getting in trouble with you again. "Can you stop with the comments" will go down as a favorite memory from the weekend. Holly, as I said you are the funniest woman I've ever met. I'm glad Mary and Shan picked you up along the way and introduced us. You truly had the cutest sock monkey of all time. Bridget! I'm so sorry you missed the weekend. We would have been much louder in bars I fear if you were in tow. There is always next fall! Love you girls!!!


An Eye for Detail said...

Well Nelle... you DO make it look so appealing! I went to Maine every summer for so many years. But no, it's too cold for me and the winter too long! But maybe I'll have to return in the fall: sure looks wonderful! So glad you had such a good time with old friends...there is truly nothing like it.

JMW said...

I've never been to Maine, but these photos make me want to jump on a plane right now! That town is like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

In my dream world I would live in Maine. I have only visited twice but love it so much and your pics capture why. I pinned one of the schooner weather vanes to my Pinterest account. What an amazing weekend!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

p.s. I just found Bath on the map and it's not too far from Kennebunkport where my BIL lives. So I asked my husband and he said we can get a house there once we win the lottery. Hooray!