Friday, August 5, 2011

Bow Tie Bar Crawl

Our dear friend Scott celebrated 30 years of life a few Friday's ago. He hosted a lovely, little gathering at his club at the Quinntessential Gentleman to kick start the night. Later we attended a Bow Tie Bar Crawl in Federal Hill in his honor. Katiecakes designed the invite that had a four part instruction on how to tie a bow tie, and one bar for each direction. It was brilliant.

We offered to bring dessert. Instead of a cake I asked Sweet Spot to design custom bow tie cookies. Kristin is seriously gifted. I used her for Mary Margaret's baby shower, my brother's baby shower, our Christmas cookies and these fabulous cookies for Scott.

I told her that Scott was from Charleston and that the party was in a private men's club and she came up with these cute patterns. 

The Quinntessential Gentleman is a men's barbershop that offers old school straight razor shaves and men's grooming. They sell bow ties, cuff links, ties, and all things shaving related. The party was on the second floor men's locker room. Scott had a bar and hors d'oeuvres ready for his guests.

Scott brought his mint julep cups and made his signature Baltimore Mule that includes Pikesville Rye, Ginger beer, Lime Juice, simple syrup and St. Germains. 

He gave Kev and I a tour of the sauna area.

Katiecakes came down from Philly for the event with her Momma and was decked in a vibrant red dress and bow tie shoes. 

She encouraged everyone to wear bow ties for the bar crawl and bedazzled her own shoes. This was the first time this child had ever worn brightly colored toes. 

Katie's momma adjusted Scott's custom Lily tie, made by our friend Em.

Since Lily was want for matching pocket squares, Scott used an IPod case as a great alternative. He's very clever.

The club room held masculine touches of leather chairs, poker tables, video games and British Racing green walls.

Mr. Melton has his own members cubby where he can store his bourbon.

The QG gave him a gift in a cigar box. How cute manly is that?

Mr. Melton brought in a few of his signature pieces from home. Always a staple and his classic touch to the candelabra, a new bow tie from the shop downstairs.

He gave us a tour of the smoking lounge.

Should I have been shocked to see the stack of Playboys?

It's all about the articles, right boys?

Why don't the centerfolds desire anything deeper than to be a household name? Hmmm, I wonder?

Everyone got into the spirit of the festivities and donned ties in any way they could.

Carla arrived a little late, and E. made it just as we had to go an advance the first stop along the Bow Tie Bar Crawl.

It was a wonderful party.

Amy inherited her grandfather's bow ties. How fabulous.

Can you guess which one is mine?

The cookies came in handy for a few that didn't wear bow ties.

Scott helped Amy with her grandfather's heirlooms.

Tying the tie the only way he knew how. 

As much as I dread the thought, I'm going to remind my Daddy to leave me his bow ties in the Will. 

The crowd was all tied up and ready to move on to the next location.

Katie was brilliant and came up with the idea of bringing pinwheels for each guest. They blew joyfully in the wind from bar to bar. All of Federal Hill was a flutter with our crowd making quite a scene. (I was three sips of gin in by this photo.)

Our friend Jon is always at the ready with "the wand" and took the most fabulous photos of the Row House. We had the whole upstairs to ourselves and were able to shag the night away. 

E. finally made it and was happy to have his Manhattan after a long train ride.

And there were lots of kisses to go around.

Scott we can always expect the most wonderful people at any gathering you are involved in. It was great to see you so happy and in your element. Welcome to the thirties friend. Happy, happy birthday! 


Karena said...

Nelle this was such a delightful post. Every image made me smile. What a wonderful group of friends to celebrate Scott's 30th!!

All of the guest look just perfect and the desert bow ties look incredible!


Art by Karena

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I Do Declare said...

Adorable party! Love the cookies!

Pigtown-Design said...

heard it was loads of fun! and loved seeing the pix of mr. and mrs. big!

Krystal said...

How fun! I love this!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

What a fabulous party!!! I actually met him at Manor race and I have a picture of us…too funny! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! What a great party and I can tell how much fun you had!!!! I LOVE the cookies and the club! And the birthday boy is so handsome! And you look gorgeous as always!!!!!