Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Plum's Shower

A few weeks ago I helped host a baby shower in DC for my divine friend Mary Margaret. Marge and I met at Christ Church, Georgetown about ten years ago and were fast friends. We were in a Bible study that often finished with the two of us grabbing dinner at the Daily Grill talking for hours over a bottle of Clos du Bois Chardonnay! She is simply the BEST story teller of all time. She's a talented graphic artist from Birmingham and loves Auburn. She is funny, smart, beautiful and a light of the world. When she told us the news last year that she and Scott were expecting we were over the moon excited.

Mary Margaret's DC friend Kathryn organized all of the hostesses and sent great emails keeping us organized. I love how the invite turned out. I suggested we use Kristin at Sweet Spot create the cutest cookies ever from the invite design. I have used Sweet Spot three times now. 

I offered to order the flowers too since I had great vendors in Baltimore who could help. I went to Flowers and Fancies to pick up these beautiful arrangements. I showed Eddie Wingrat, one of the owners, the invite and cookies and he said, "Wait a minute, we have bunnies for you that match your invitation." 

He brought out these darling moss bunnies and they just made the arrangements perfect for the party! Amy at the shop also helped me wrap my gift in cellophane. I love to bring shower gifts wrapped in cello so you don't really have to open them.

I headed down to DC with flowers and bunnies in tow and arrived on Capital Hill to find this charming garden oasis. Kathryn's beau grew up here and his mother let us borrow the home for the party. How absolutely wonderful is that?

The garden was in full spring glory. Bleeding hearts just thrill me every time I see them.

The bunnies fit in perfectly.

The bar was set with raspberry iced tea and mimosas.

The guest of honor arrived and the party began. The weather was simply gorgeous.

Jess, Sophie and Tina enjoyed the garden.

I was so excited to see my heart friend Juliana. We always joke that we fell in love at first sight. Her daughter Fleming was our flower girl. We had so much to catch up on and were both doing a detox! Please read her inspiring and fabulous website Smarter Tables.

The front door welcomed us with childhood photos of Marge and Scott.

I love the photo of Scott's happy mother Kim. She is one of my most favorite people on the planet. At their wedding E. and I were overwhelmed but how thoughtful she was and gave us "N" and "E" letter Christmas ornaments for our first married Christmas together. Scott doesn't fall far from the tree and is such a great match for Mary Margaret.

Hostesses Gin, Tina and Kathryn made sure everything was perfectly set for the tea inside.

The buffet was light and simple and I couldn't get over how beautiful the blue and white china looked throughout this home.

Even the water closet was beautifully designed.

I could simply die for this sink basin.

We served Kathryn's famous sausage balls, Robin brought "P" petit fours, tea sandwiches were made and Whitney brought the scones.

Sweet Marge and her baby bump welcomed everyone inside.

You can barely even tell she is preggers from the front. 

Other hostesses Whitney, sweet Kathryn and Robin were ready for fun and only one game.

The tea was delicious.

It was a lovely party.

I also got to clap eyes on my soul friend Amanda who I haven't seen in ages. She's in Sudan doing amazing work. Mander was also in our wedding and is another Christ Church pal. I made the best friends from that church.

I loved meeting so many new people and seeing old friends. Liz, on the right, has a wonderful event planning firm called Elizabeth Duncan Events and has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings. She is so talented.

Everyone gathered and we began opening gifts.

One of my favorite gifts of all time is the stack of children's books. Marge's sister-in-law Jess put together this fun gift.

Whitney read the card for Jess's gift. We passed all the presents out to each guest so that it would go quickly. 

I went a little camera crazy because at the last minute Marge's beautiful mother Lynda couldn't attend. I had to document everything so she felt like she was at the party too. We missed you so much Ms. Lynda! Give Daddy George my love.

Scott's mother Kim is watching over their niece Sophie, who was their flower girl. Jess is the great SIL in the blue.

This precious little child speaks three languages and looks so much like Marge when she was little. 

My go-to shower gift always has my hand stamped Crane's stationery, a Le Pen and a children's book. I found the Chewbeads from my JLW pal Kristen's blog and on-line shop Pineapple Grove Gifts. I went a little nuts for Marge and also found a few silver baby spoons at Antiques Exchange in Hampden. I found her a Lamb lovey for the Lamb of Christ who takes away the sins of the world at Linens and Lingerie....AND I had to throw in the Noah's Ark smocked pillow/music box that hangs on the doorknob too. I went a little nutzo but it's Baby Plum. Please.

Loved seeing her so excited.

All the Plumridge girls and baby Plum hiding behind Sophie.

Marge and Tina are due days apart. 

Marge is a graphic designer/marketing genius. She printed these sweet cards for all of the hostesses.

We were given these cheerful begonias as hostess gifts.

The hostess shot is missing our babes from Alabama and other fun bridesmaids, Laura and Liz. 

Thank you again Kathryn for your hospitality and to Geoff's family. It was simply the prettiest tea ever. Marge, I love that we laugh so much together. You truly are a light in my world and I can't thank God enough for you. Sending you prayers for a safe and healthy delivery. Baby Plum, you don't even know how much we love you already. Uncle E. and I have been praying for you and can't wait to meet you in a few weeks. Be sweet to your Momma and Daddy and enjoy your entry into the world you precious child. 


LPC said...

What a classically good-looking party! People, setting, decor, all of it! And the bunnies were the perfect, unique, touch.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! This is clearly a tea to eclipse even those at the British Embassy. From the adorable centerpieces (isn't F&F fabby - those bunnies are amazing!) to the signature cookies, gorgeous setting, and fabulous friends: complete perfection. This should be covered in a magazine. Loved it, felt like I was there!

Lisa Shenkle

Mary Margaret said...

It was just lovely and so fun to re-live the event here on Stone Hill Farm! Thank you, Nelle. What a blessing to have you in my life! Love to you and all the sweet hostesses - wow.

Anonymous said...

I love how much you appreciate your friends! What a special event and a special friendship!!! Can't wait to see photos of Baby Plum!

Nelle Somerville said...

Thank you Lisa's! Such gracious comments. And yes Wendy, I love and appreciate my Marge so much, thank you. MM, your mom wrote me a sweet note on FB. Glad she could live it through the photos. xoxo

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Nelle, you look lovely! I love the red necklace with your blue and white dress. Your pictures are always so great. What type of camera do you use?

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

What a lovely shower. The decor, food, and company looked wonderful. That home is breathtaking with all of those fabulous blue and white accents! Congrats to the mommy to-be! Thanks for sharing Nelle. xx

Kori Donahue said...

Oh my, where do I begin? Those cookies are amazing, that house is gorgeous and the shower was absolutely perfect! Kori xoxo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely!!

You included all of us by being so thorough with the photo story!

Enjoy and best wishes - thanks for sharing!


(I lived in DC for a year and a half --- on seventh street right near the Capitol...miss that architecture - I live in South Florida now-big difference!!!)

annechovie said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful shower with us, Nelle. All the best to the mom-to-be! Have a wonderful wknd! xo

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Wow! Where do I even begin!? That house is GORGEOUS!! You are such a wonderful friend helping to plan such a great shower! I love the bunny decor, oh and that girl is too cute and can speak 3 languages!?! Goodness!! Looks like it was a fun time!

Whitney Rosenthal said...

Nelle this is beautiful! Thank you for taking so much time posting this. It was wonderful to see you. I will call you before our next Baltimore adventure!

Anonymous said...

The tale of this beautiful event and photos of happy friends brightened my day on the Gulf Coast. Everything was so beautiful and well-planned and I read about it on Kathryn Minor's FaceBook. Thanks, Nellie, for sharing this event.