Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tranquil Tuesday: Garden Dining

August, how on earth did you get here so fast? I'm not ready to let go yet and realized that we never eat outside so I moved our garden furniture from the south patio to the north patio. This gives us a little more privacy and shade in the afternoon. Plus we don't have to look at a driveway while we eat. We literally never ate on the south patio in four years. 

The garden is doing remarkably well even with all of the intense heat.

The pears are beautiful and a few are ripe. I will still make my pear chutney even though I'd rather not use corn syrup and white sugar. Anyone have brilliant sugar free canning suggestions? The idea sounds horrible, but is there a way to can with honey?

The figs should be ready in September.

And for the first time the apples are bigger than ever and we have tons. Fresh applesauce for the masses.

The small furniture change allowed Eric and me to rest for a moment yesterday eating breakfast. Outside. It was delightful watching the sprinkler go back and forth quietly enjoying our breakfast quinoa.

Wishing you can make small changes for any moment of quiet and rest. We've realized so much that we are constantly running and are very bad and resting. I'm enjoying Never Let Me Go and look forward to any suggestions for good beach books while the summer is still here.


Ella said...

You have a wonderful garden with all fruits and flowers, I'm glad that we have apples but it must be nice to have pears and figs.

An Eye for Detail said...

I am jealous of your fig tree!! We planted our very first one in April; well, it's maybe 3 feet now. I look forward to many years of yummy figs!

annechovie said...

Your property is absolutely gorgeous, Nelle. Hope you enjoy the last days of Summer! xo