Saturday, August 20, 2011


We've had such a great summer. So much so that I'm realizing I have photos from June that I haven't published. Enjoy our spring finds from the Waverly Farmer's Market from three months ago.  E. is at the market this morning with our friends Brad and Mina. I've sent him out to find Joan to pray she has a flat of Tony Tomatoes to sell us. Chances are we are out of luck because Spike ordered 1,000 pounds to can for Woodberry Kitchen.  

We always run into friends at the market. It's a little social haven on Saturday mornings.

Remember asparagus? Now that you can get asparagus all year long the novelty wears off a bit, but there is still nothing more delightful than the first signs of spring with asparagus spears. We roast them with olive oil, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese. 

We are also excited that the Baltimore Food Co-op had their grand opening this week. To have so much organic goodness only a half a mile away makes my detox way of eating very easy. Congratulations Cheryl and all who worked tirelessly to help you make the Co-op a reality.

We bought all of our garden plants from Waverly this year. 

I'm still taking my NutraMetrix vitamins every morning. It's made all the difference with my energy level.

E's been so supportive he even made buckwheat pancakes during the detox.

We were not big fans but was thankful to try something new and be treated to E's cooking. We are big fans of maple syrup as a sweetener and breakfast Quinoa is our staple morning meal during the week.

This morning he made this amazing Corn, Mozzarella, tomato and basil frittata all from his Waverly finds. I am seriously blessed to have a man who likes to cook so much!

It was delicious and gave me the energy to can pear chutney all day. Can't wait to document my second year on the blog with pear chutney. My first post ever on Stone Hill Farm.

E. has graciously "socc-rificed" his Saturdays to spend more time with me. It has made such a difference. I was a soccer widow. He played three times a week and his Saturday games took the entire mid-day. His still plays three times a week but gave up the Saturday game. Now we have time to enjoy the market, fix things around the house and just hang. I'm pretty much in Stone Hill heaven. Thanks Charlie for loving me so much to make this little change. It's been the best summer yet. 

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Ella said...

So many wonderful photos of vegetables and yes, you're lucky your E seems like a very good husband.