Monday, July 24, 2017

Ten Year Anniversary Trip: Philly, Grace Bath and Cliff Hike

We loaded up the bikes for a two week epic road trip in celebration of our ten year anniversary. 

We spent our first night in Philly with Katie and Tony. It was tough leaving late on a Friday night and the delay cost us. One hour into the trip, trying to think of things we forgot, we realized we forgot something pretty significant. Our passports. If you notice on the map above, the plan was to get to Canada for the second leg of the trip.

Bummed, it created stress for the first leg of our trip. What was supposed to be a relaxing,  road trip, adventure, then became a race to see if we could get the passports in time to get to our pre-paid hotel on Wednesday after the 4th of July weekend in Maine. We just spaced out that you need a passport to enter Canada now. Mary and I drove a similar route back in the 90s. We definitely didn't need our passports then. We called the hotel in Montreal and they confirmed we most def need a passport to cross the border now. Face palm emoji! Super bummed. Super pissed faces in the car. LOL.

Our great neighbor Karen saved the day and shipped them to Mary's in Maine. Great save.

Happy faces back on, we exhaled. The first Friday night was in Philly to start off the adventure. That's the moon behind us. We had late night dinner with K&T.  

Katie's guest room door has the angel ornament I gave them for Christmas on the knob. Reminds me of Mandarin Oriental (where E and I found each other 12 years ago). Each treatment room had a matching icon to go with your wrist/locker bracelet icon. It was one of the coolest details.

We all need this tee shirt.

On Saturday we hit the Montreal style bagel place, Spread, around the corner for our breakfast on the run.


The trip to Maine was by far the longest leg and it did seem to take forever. We passed the hours with great Podcasts and me Snapping and Instastorying on the way. We split up the driving every two to three hours. Looking back it was really easy actually. Here are our Road Trip Pod suggestions:

Pod Save the People, Deray McKesson's "in the news" section is my favorite. Pointing out things that you may not catch about Black Lives Matter issues in the news that isn't well reported, prison reform and much more.
Mogul, History of Rap and the Life and Death of Chris Lighty--by far our favorite for the trip. We are still listening.
Pod Save America, the ads are worth listening. These guys worked in the Obama White House. Love their merch.
Bon Appetite Foodcast, I learned the art of marinating chicken in Buttermilk listening to this gem. 

We made it to Portland and had dinner at Ri Ra on the water with Mary.

We did a little window shopping with cheesy anniversary love fest pictures. I wore these same pants and jean jacket on our honeymoon!

What a difference ten years makes!!! Lunch at The Woods at The Grand Hotel.

It was fun tucking in at Mary's  after a really long day with this gem, that the bad girls of book club read. I'm still savoring it as my summer read. The writing is gorgeous. The American history lessons are so valuable. I didn't actually understand that the Dust Bowl was a real act until reading this incredible account. The story of the races are exhilarating, but the history has me hooked.

Sunday morning Lily and Mary walked me to church not even three blocks away from their lovely home.

Walking through Bath in the early morning light, on the 4th of July weekend is so God Bless America beautiful, words can hardly contain the joy of it all.

I'll take an order of blue skies, bunting and U.S. Flags any day of the week.

I bounded up the steps to Grace Episcopal Church and frankly, it looked deserted. Turns out I came through the front door, and most people enter through the back parking lot. I literally tried a few doors that were closed, before finding the narthex.

After church I was greeted by the most gracious welcome committee, apologizing for no coffee hour. The Rector then took me on a tour of the church. Ted knows our friend and rector of Memorial Episcopal.

Bath is a ship building town. The Bath Iron Works employs the largest number of workers in the state. This ship hung in the center of the nave as an ode and thanksgiving to the industry is my guess. The nave was inspired by Byzantine designs. Even the front of the church had anchors, waves and sea inspired stain glass windows. The anchor represents hopeTed also showed me the small chapel with Tiffany windows. Just gorgeous, but hot as Hades.

Mary, E and Lily were enjoying their coffee when I returned. We planned our day and headed out for our first adventure.

We went for a hike on the Cliff Trail. Pine trees. Can you smell this picture? All of Maine smells of glorious pine need forest floors and windy pine branches. If you listen really closely you can hear the pine needles rubbing up against each other for that sweet summer musical.

It felt higher than it really was,17 floors up, but only like 260 feet elevation. It made me realize I need a standing desk more now that ever.

It was gorgeous from the top as we glistened with sweaty goodness.

I was convinced Eric was going to fall off the cliff here. Thankfully, he did not.

Our super fast hiking bestie!

Fairy houses and E walking Lily. My heart nearly exploded, from the cuteness, not the 17 floors climbed. We desperately needed "this stinking fresh air."

So thankful for time away. Time with friends. Time hiking with dogs. Bringing water for said friends and said dog.Thanks for the first leg Mary, Katie, Tony and Lily.

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