Friday, July 28, 2017

Ten Year Anniversary Trip: Five Islands Lobster Company, Maine

After our adventures on Monhegan we headed to Five Islands Lobster Company for dinner. 

Lobster Rolls, Scallops, Fried Shrimp and clam chowder graced the table. Mary scored the perfect picnic table. 

Mary held claim to the good views, while E and I waited in line to order. It wasn't crazy, but hey, it's summer in Maine at a lobster shack. We enjoyed our meal with beers, bourbon and boats in the background.

Susan and Lucy had posted a picture of this same location last summer and I didn't put two and two together until we were there.

The pink horizon grew as we gorged ourselves on seafood and sunset lighting.

I loved this setting. The pink bow of this boat pointing up at the pink sky. The pine trees in the background with the seagull overhead. The blocks of colors on the water. It needs to be a painting. Harriet asked me to email it to her so I'm praying that is the plan. Love you Harriet! 

Love you too Maine!

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