Friday, June 30, 2017

Alison's Bridal Luncheon, 4.30.17, Washington, DC

Are you sick of the love fest that is Alison and Michael Koenigs yet? Me neither! In April, a few gathered in the Foxhall neighborhood to celebrate the bride at a ladies luncheon. I brought the flowers from Baltimore and the coral peonies were simply ravishing. The co-hostess admitted she was nervous about handing the flower reins over to me, but I insisted. I trust Ellen Frost with my most important board meetings. I knew she would knock it out of the park for our most wonderful bride. Do look up Local Color Flowers if you are ever in Baltimore. 

None of us could shut up about the flowers. They were so pretty.

Susanna was such a gracious hostess and the adorable creature had to jump on a plane in the middle of the party to go to another friends birthday party in Jamaica. Way to multi-task.

I Snapped this shot of these two bickering about ball gowns for the Met Gala. Ha! I kid you not. They are simply too glamorous for words. Fran is Susanna's oldest daughter's godmother. 

Claire A. Pattison Rea catered the event and I've been dreaming of the Thai Peanut Hummus ever since. 

Loved having my Marge at this fun celebration too. We got to have another slumber party with Stinger back in the early spring.

Mike came at the end to say hello. He and Eric helped load cars with the prizes at the end.

It was so wonderful meeting Michael's family before the big wedding weekend. I love these pre-events to get to know new friends. 

Hadley had just had her beautiful little doll baby Millie a few weeks prior. Alison is HER godmother, and the angel was baptized just this past weekend at Christ Church.

I'm mean really, how precious are these two?

The perfect hostess gift has been a great vehicle for peanut M&M's at Stony Run. That's next on the blog friends. How we went from Stone Hill to Stony Run. Thanks for reading and find Stone Hill Farm again. 

Have you ever had a wedding weekend hang-over? Not the cocktail flu kind. But the heartache of leaving all the people you love after the wedding weekend is over? That hit me like a ton of bricks on Monday. By Tuesday I couldn't stop talking about Christ Church and what wonderful memories I had "growing up" there. I had meetings with two priests that same day, kid you not! It inspired me to really get back in touch with what is important to me at St. David's Roland Park. I look forward to seeing what this church can do with the power of the Holy Spirit. Join us to come and see if you are ever in town.

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