Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ten Year Anniversary Trip: Monhegan Island

Monday morning came early as we headed up to Boothbay for an hour and a half ferry ride to Monhegan Island. 

I've been obsessed with flower boxes since we moved into the new condo. I swear I'll write about the house at some point. I need to find my before and after photos to write a somewhat interesting post. But for now, know you may see many flower boxes in your future if you read here or follow me on Instagram.

We stopped by the Red Cup for coffee and breakfast for the trip.

It was a pretty chilly boat ride and a little choppy. If you get seasick, definitely plan ahead for this ride. The ten miles took approximately an hour and a half to get there.

We checked on our passports a few times. This was by far the biggest frustration. NO. ONE. ANSWERED. THE. PHONE!

But we got over it and enjoyed the ride.

Monhegan is filled with trails, rocky cliffs and glorious views of the ocean.

If you look close you can see baby, puffy tan seagulls on the cliff ledge.

This is my favorite picture from our whole trip of us. Thanks Mare!

Mary did a great job planning this second day of adventure as well as being our photographer. She's so pretty.

It was such a gorgeous day and of course I had to take pictures of all of the landscape changes. 

Mary's nephew started a company called Northern Etiquette. Check it out.

We walked into town and to the Mohegan Brewing Company where we had beers and our picnic lunches at a communal picnic table. I tried something with rhubarb that was light and refreshing after the hike.

I suggest that if you have the time and five dollars take the extra ferry tour around the island. We saw seals and met the nicest people. 

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