Friday, March 18, 2016

Millstone Birthday Adventure

Cramboise Cider
As spring tries to burst it's beautiful head forth in Maryland, we've tried to take advantage of every warm moment. A few weeks ago we gathered back to Millstone for our annual pilgrimage on a 70 degree day. This winter we also went to Milkhouse Brewery. We have so many great options in this area for drinking adventures.

It was also Carla's birthday. The tour landed on the upper level of this room that has changed beautifully over the years. If you look back at this post, the beams were numbered to get put back together by Curt, the owner. There were couples who brought picnics of cheese and fruit, kids running around and a huge group of 20 in our tour. Gone are the days of one on one tours. After Martha Stewart boasted about Millstone the place became even more popular.

It's always a fun place to throw back a few and celebrate all things local and Maryland.

We tried at least eight samples. There are always new items to try, new flavor profiles and creative blends for mead and cider.

The Pomme Jacque brandy was so good we bought a bottle and toasted to Carla on the porch. My tasting notes had "funk" written a lot. Many were vegetal from hoppy hops.

Not a selfie.

SDM noticed this piano belly with the Stieff name. Wonder if it was made in Stone Hill? They were commonly known as the "poor man's Steinway." 

Charlie throwing shade. I'm off of social media but still obsessed with his cute face.

It was a gorgeous day and always is a great adventure driving through God's country in Monkton.

Happy Birthday Carla

Happy almost spring! They are calling for snow this weekend. Ah March, you sneaky beast.

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