Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bjorn Means Baby Bear

It's so fun when you live close to one of your favorite people, she get's engaged then married, get's pregnant, texts videos of the baby moving in her tummy and texts you from the hospital of her brand new precious child. We visited a bunch this fall so I was on close bump watch.

The night before we left for Christmas break my godmother and I went for a turn in the neighborhood to leave narcissus for Nance and K. Nancy showed us the gorgeous minimal and elegantly designed no-idea-of-the-sexy-nursery. Kristian has mad design skills. She was having contractions while we were there. No problem.

We kissed them goodbye and prayed for Baby Bear.

We got this text as we were somewhere in Pennsylvania. Lachlan Iver had arrived! It was so cool seeing her the night before and then getting this text as we were all in the car.

We've been overjoyed ever since.

Nancy is a natural. I visited, with gin, when her Momma was in town and she made it all look so easy. Even in a blizzard. 

I love these little texts Nancy sends throughout the day. 

We love you Baby Bear. Can you slow your roll a little bit on growing up so fast.

Love you too Nancy and Kristian.  

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