Sunday, February 28, 2016

Holiday Recap December 2015

As February marches quickly to a close I wanted to post some fun photos from our holiday party circuit. The fact we had time to attend holiday parties this year was a game changer. It's been lovely not working weekends I must say. E and I went to the Trohv party and feasted on Blacksauce biscuits and dumplings and visited with some of our favorite Hampden friends. 

Carmen always has the most inventive and creative windows. The straws were used a snowflakes and trees.

Have I mentioned how big of a crush I have on my husband? He looks so happy talking to our pal Sarah, I'm sure about coffee.

I had another free weekend in December and headed north to PA to visit the suburbs of Philly with Katie and Tony while E kept the home fires burning at work. Gretchen and Robert had the most beautiful party and Robert made all of the food. I couldn't stop taking photos, even in the powder room, of their exquisite taste. Thanks for letting me be weird and love on your home guys. Can't wait to see you at Easter.

Their home is so very Girls Gun Club

The party was wonderful. We laughed until we cried.

I'm obsessed with their kitchen. The banquette most specifically. Every little detail is so beautifully curated. We had a blast after the party cleaning and telling stories until the wee hours of the night. Do you remember it was 70 degrees in December of 2015? I'm sure it's weird when people see me snapping pictures all the time, but I love to remember the details in photos and look back on them like a good letter. The other funny thing is that one of my long time followers of this blog is friends with Katie, Robert and Gretchen. The world truly is small, small, small. Missed you Baldry's.

The kitchen twine fox. Can you just? I found one here on Etsy. He had a British accent with a little lisp, because of the string, naturally. The "glasses" on his nose are scissors. Look at this cutie owl here.



I'm totally bunny and Girls Gun Club obsessed so the bunny hunting the hunter mold just thrilled my soul. Maybe we need to make chocolate in March! I have a little collection of copper and can't really figure out what to do with it in our kitchen. The pots and pans hung look like a beautiful sculpture. We keep things pretty minimal here at Stone Hill but this kitchen inspires me to think up. Thanks again for the wonderful accommodations guys and fun, fun time.

The next morning we were off to Philadelphia proper to see Katie and Tony's new digs. I loved seeing our wedding present in their library. Stieff Baltimore Rose  magnifying glass in honor of the city we found our love.

Brunch was fun visiting with SDM and MM. And just like that the weekend was over and I headed back to Baltimore to sweet Charlie.

Thankful for Sunday's and finding a place to be spiritually fed. I found an 8:00 am service that I love with a Bible study. I feel so refreshed and ready for the new week.

Thankful that Katie found such good people up North and that we get to see each other soon.

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