Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cape May Easter Weekend, Holy Thursday

Three days away at the beach felt like heaven. A true vacation. It's a quick three hours from Baltimore and we had never visited. It reminded us of Mackinac Island. I headed up Thursday before E and made a dash for the beach as the sun was setting. It was windy, cold and there was a sea foam covering the beach. I'm not sure if I've ever seen actual sea foam. It was a little weird honestly so I had to look it up. The wind had agitated the sea so much that the foam was present. My eyes were burning and it reminded me of red tide in Destin. You can be allergic to it. They are both from algae blooms. Weird indeed. 

Back at The Pink Cottage half of our group had already arrived early on Holy Thursday night. 

It was ideal. She has five bedrooms on three floors with beautifully appointed rooms. We loved the ease of the whole house but wished for a water closet on the first floor. Katie found a deal to rent the whole house for the same price as one room. Sign up for their newsletter to receive notes about these great offers. It was perfect for our eight adults but would have easily housed ten comfortably. 

We enjoyed Southsides with Uncle Vals Restorative Gin. I brought Kinderhook cheese stamps, green olives, bread and cheese from The Wine Source. They even sent me with a cold pack so the cheese would stay fresh during my drive. Thank you Wine Source. If you love gin, then find this and imbibe on the botanical soon. 

There were remote control activated fireplaces in the dining room and living room of The Pink Cottage. At the push of a button instant ambiance. It was chilly at the beach so the fire was much appreciated.

That evening we landed at The Merion Inn a few blocks down the street. I went on and on about Holy Thursday and appreciate my friends listening to me three-gins-in. If you didn't already know I LOVE MAUNDY THURSDAY.

More posts to come, but again thanking my sweet Katony for the fun weekend. Cape May is the most perfect little getaway.

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