Monday, October 13, 2014

N + K

My darling Nancy married the love of her life, Kristian, this past weekend, in what was truly the most magical, beautiful fall wedding I've ever been witness to.  

I met Nancy in the very first few months of living in Baltimore when she planned events at Woodberry Kitchen. We saw her often and she encouraged us to go to the New Years Eve Party that first year at WK.  We lucked out when they moved to Stone Hill. In the last year, I asked often, when are you all getting married? These two have been dating for eleven years. One night after Union Graze, E and I landed at a local whiskey bar, running into N + K. Kristian secretly showed us a photo of the ring he designed for his beloved and I could barely contain myself. When driving down our lane the weekend he popped the question she shoved her hand into the Subaru window and I had tears of joy for these little love bugs. I love that we had a sneak peak of the ring prior and mentioned I had seen it. She squealed to Kristian, "You showed Mother Nelle?" 

The engagement was three months ago. Nancy took no time in making decisions and planned the most perfect day. She had the help of her best friend Katie at Petal and Print create the flowers. The fabulous and talented Paper Porn Star, Mary Mashburn designed their amazing invitations with the help from her graphic artist fiance, Kristian. She had an arsenal of stylists design the buffets and they found the perfect location, Starbright Farms up in Whitehall, Maryland. But the best, most amazing part! She had Blacksauce Kitchen cater the event. Biscuits. Ribs. Smoked hog y'all. Enjoy the eye candy that was N + K's most beautiful day.

Kristian's bout

We visited casually with the groom before the merriment and festivities began. Love this guy!

A little bee crashed the party.

The outbuildings at Starbright Farm were the most perfect setting for this wedding. The rain held off and many wore denim and cowboy boots with their wedding finest.

The officiant was a family member.

Not only were their guests drop dead gorgeous, but fascinating, smart and fantastic conversationalists. The weekend started with a casual Taco night on Friday where we got to enjoy their wildly wonderful friends and family.

Nancy's Momma, Beth Ann.

The ceremony was in the garden, filled with you guessed it...

When Nancy and her Dad turned the corner to walk down the aisle, you could see Nance start to choke up. It was precious and of course I burst into tears. You can see Beth Ann reaching up to contain herself. Nancy looked so beautiful and this was truly the moment I think she had been dreaming of for so long. It was absolutely perfect. 

Another deeply emotional moment was when "Nan's" friend Ben spoke about their BFL, best friend love. Kristian was there for her to lean on. They exchanged their own vows that they wrote together. 

The kids had a photo shoot while the guests enjoyed the rapture of their reception food! You could see their wide smiles from ear to ear. The dinner buffet was set up in this barn after the cocktail reception. We enjoyed local beers, and two signature cocktails created by their buddy Chris from Grand Cru.

Corn Fritters with Tomato Jam 

Two out of the Five Seeds and their hot cider.

This was the first wedding ever at Starbright Farm. The flow of the event was seamless and the rain held off all day creating the perfect light for photos. 

The hill was ideal for rolling.

There is a photo of me doing the very same thing in a flower-girl dress at the Gull Lake Country Club for our friend Sue and Bob's wedding in the 70's. I love this memory so much of grass stains and rolling down hills.

E loved that we had so many mutual friends at the party. I could easily ditch him to take photos. I'm the luckiest girl that he is so patient with me. I remember talking to Nancy once about this blog, and that it is a love letter to My Charlie. So true Nance. 

The cake table was out-of-this world beautiful with three wedding cakes, made by Sarah at Woodberry Kitchen, pumpkin whoopie pies and hand-made-Beth-Ann-Momma-mints.

The cake toppers were bears because Bjorn means bear, Kristian's Instagram handle.

Lady Afton, stylish as ever.

It was wonderful getting dolled up in our woollies. The fall is my favorite season and I even packed a flask of bourbon just for the accessory of it all. I missed all of the hunt cups this year due to my job so I really wanted to feel like we were away in the country. It was just that. The perfect fall wedding weekend.

Mary made the beautiful guest book.

I can't wait to see the photos from their drone! I mean, how fun is that? We were all gazing skyward when it took off.

It was such a joy seeing people in real life that I truly communicate with weekly through social media. Love you Amy!

I could have taken six thousand more photos of the flowers. Katie they were simply gorgeous. Nancy was working on a flower farm this season so she knew exactly what she wanted.

The reception display boasted of leek spread, cumin crusted crackers and hand made lavosh with decadent sea salt. There were ribs and the divine corn fritters. I made a mistake and ate my weight in pumpkin whoopie pies before dinner even started.

I snuck upstairs to see Caleb Stine and his gang of music makers playing the reception.

The tables were simple and set with mix and matched trophy filled flower arrangements.

The fellas then joined the reception downstairs.

The music mesmerized the little ones at the party.

More of the Five Seeds family.

After dinner, we were all treated to a concert from Kristian's dad and sister. The family band calls themselves, Bjorn To Be Wild. They wrote a beautiful song for the happy couple.

My favorite paper porn star, Mary and her husband. This woman is mad talented and if you read this blog you know my obsession with paper.

Nance was at the ready to join the band with her shaky egg thing. 

Nancy can now join the band.

We all danced the night away and I even got to Pretzel with a southern cousin.

The cakes were cut back downstairs.

Nancy's Dad thanked Kristian for this day and I cried again.

I took fuzzy photos later in the evening but still captured the cute friends from all over the country who came to visit.

Sadly, I had no room for cake. Ate. Too. Many. Pumpkin Whoopie Pie's. Totally worth it too.

Guests were encouraged to take two jars of jam (JAM) and coasters on the way out. Aren't the baskets, that table and those flowers just the tiniest touches that make such a difference? We all need a Gary in our lives. It was the prettiest, most ideal fall barn wedding I could have imagined. I'm so thrilled it was everything they wanted and more.

Nancy and Kristian, we love you like crazy and are so thrilled we've been part of 7 of your 11 years of dating. Here's to many more years as neighbors, many more cocktails, flower exchanges, stealing firewood and dinners in our future. May the love you felt on your wedding day carry you through a long and happy life together. God bless you precious friends.


Maggie said...

I read your blog for a while a few years ago, lost track of it, and just re-discovered it last week. Where to start with how much I love it? Episcopal Church: I love your expressions of faith and BCP references (I'm a deacon in the diocese of NC). Baltimore: My family and I lived in Roland Park on Overhill Road from 1998-2000. B. is such a beautiful city and I'm so glad to see all of the wonderful things that have happened since we left. When we lived there I served as assistant verger at the Cathedral. I miss lots of things, including the amazing Christmas displays in Hampden. Your love of family and friends: Evident in all your posts! I've now bookmarked you again!

Nelle Somerville said...

Oh my gosh Maggie, thank you so much for your kind words. I remember you and your nice comments and Baltimore connection. We go to the Cathedral on occasion and are praying for a new priest at Memorial. Best wishes and love to you!