Saturday, November 14, 2015

N + K = Bjorn Means Baby Bear Shower

The morning of October 3rd I dashed down the street to celebrate our sweet friend and good neighbor Nancy for the first of the two baby showers of the day. (BTW baby Milo was born on 11/12/15.) Kristian is one lucky guy. It was only N + for the day. N + K= ?? in five more weeks. They don't know what the little bear will be. A true surprise.

Katie and Koli, hosted it at Katie's home just under a mile away in Hampden. They are two of the most creative people I've ever clapped eyes on. Click their names to link to their shops. I'm totally obsessed with this house so excuse the nosy shots Katie; I want to be you when I grow up.

Nancy and I met when she was at Woodberry Kitchen. The cheese balls, popcorn and BBQ were perfect with the prosecco. The non-Moms in the room took advantage of the drinks and giggled with laughter on surviving Baby Showers...and that cocktails were a must. Listening about breast milk, diapers and poop just always comes the booze helps. 

Bjorn means bear so there were lots of gifts with bears on bibs, in stuffed animals and in print. Just adorable. Notice Nancy's wedding ring? Kristian designed it and showed us before he proposed to her. The stone was found on a trip to one of the Great Lakes. 

Katie's mother made the most incredible waxed denim baby bag and knit hat for the baby. Gary is another of the designers friends who also helped with their wedding last fall. This man has the best taste.

Canon twinsies.

Katie's kitchen sign is so Girls Gun Club.

I covet this flat back yard.

Petal and Print, seriously check it out.

Beth Anne and the momma to be.

Pies and cakes for days.

Blessings and love to you Kristian and Nancy. Thanks for the video texts of the baby moving, for letting me touch your belly Nance and for the Thursday night visits on your porch for CSA day. I am so excited one of our fall babies will only be a few houses away. Can't wait to meet you Little Bear. Lots of love and prayers for the next few weeks of growing. We love you already.

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