Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Nephew FaceTime

Time for a little overdose on family photos. Turn away if you only care about my foodie and travel posts. :) How did we live without FaceTime? For you in the dark ages or sadly without an iPhone, FaceTime is a way to have a face to face conference calls with business people. Or to love on your Baby Nephew and tuck him into bed every night! Here are a few fun shots from recent visits.

My funny brother and my precious grandmother Francie, who traveled all the way to Michigan, by herself, for Christmas. 

Silly Aunt Nellie and mimicking Andrew at Bye-d's (Momma is now Bye-d, Biddy, Bi D?). 

Little love muffin! He still only has a few words so our expressions say it all.

Who's that crazy lady?

Cuteness overload of the two goatee brothers and the Baby. 

Wishing you all moments of wonderful real face time with your families, and for those who are far away from yours, I pray you have the ability to Skype of FaceTime with them as often as your cellular plan allows! 


Ella said...

Oh, this is so fantastic especially when there are long distances to the ones that we love. I really enjoyed that you shared those wonderful moments with us.

My Crafty Home Life said...

That is the cutest nephew, ever.