Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Garnish Boutique, for the Modern Bride & Maid

I mentioned in my last post that Shana found her wedding dress at Garnish Boutique. When she called to let me know she found her dress and got it for $20 I immediately got in my car and drove to Ruxton to check out this charming bridal boutique. Maybe in the back of my mind I was thinking I could pick up a cocktail dress for twenty bucks. I ended up talking to the owner Mia Antalics for what feels like forever connecting all of our connections.

Mia and I met at the Rusty Love event with my friend Janelle. At that party I remembered when Mia was over on Falls Road but I had never been to the Ruxton property. The gallery is tucked back in the upper part of the building, directly above J McGlaughlin. You enter through the side street. It was filled with sunlight and what seemed like wedding dresses for miles. 

The shop is spacious and lends itself to lots of ladies coming in to help their friends find the perfect gown. 

Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way. She has a great selection of these as well.

A new trend that wasn't around when I got married five years ago are these bedazzled belts. 

Shana found hers on Etsy because Garnish has items to be ordered, not necessarily always for sale in the boutique. You have to absolutely love someone who is so willing to help her customers no matter if she spends $20 dollars or $2000. I swear I love Mia with every fiber of my customer service soul! Seriously Mia, you are simply the best.

There are a few items for sale as bridesmaid's gifts and things to embellish every maid and maiden.

So my darling readers, mention Stone Hill Farm when you shop and you will get 10% off at Garnish!!!

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Baltimore Prep said...

The bridesmaid dresses for my wedding as well as my sister's all came from Mia. I pop my head in to say hello whenever I am shopping in that center!