Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grove Isle Hotel & Spa Cliff Drysdale Tennis Clinic, Miami

While in Miami I brought my tennis racket with hopes that I could jump on a court in  between the coffee breaks of our conference. I knew the hotel had a tennis facility, but I had no idea what to expect. I arrived on a Monday afternoon and signed up for the 1.5 hour Tuesday morning clinic. The facility was fantastic with 11 Har Tru courts. Four pros assigned a court to groups of four when we arrived and began warm ups. It made me miss all my tennis besties from Mary and my Hackett girls, to Tracy and my Ripon College teammates to my Diva Doubles partners McCall and Nicoletti. Again, I am so thankful for my Baltimore doubles group and for Karen inviting me to join them last year. It has brought a balance to my week that I have been missing for the last ten years. I think a tennis reunion should be part of our 20th college reunion next year. (Holy that right?)

Later that same evening I went to a second 1.5 hour clinic with a much different group and a few new pros. We played king of the court, did Spanish drills, beat the pro and other drills I hadn't done since learning to play at the Tennis House at the Y in Kalamazoo. Ah, such good memories.

I neglected to hydrate which posed a problem later in the week and returned to the tennis house for some much needed Coconut Water. This tennis club made me want to move to Miami. The group of participants were so nice, competitive in a good way, and funny. I spoke to one member who said that another tennis club had closed and that everyone he used to play with now comes to Grove Isle. There was a great range in ages but everyone in both clinics were very good. It was a blast and I can't thank Max and his pros enough for the good care he took of all of us. He said I had great control of the ball and Ana said I need to hit the ball, not push it! Does that sound familiar anyone? I swear my coaches always told me that. 

Thanks again to the pros! I miss you already and wish I could play three times a week. I'm heading to the GSRC clinic on Wednesday and hope it lives up to my high expectations. Seriously email me if you are an intermediate to advanced player and want to hit if you live in Baltimore. 

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