Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday at Gertrude's

We have had such a great week. To say the least. Last weekend at Keswick was dreamy. This past weekend we spent having cocktails at Wit & Wisdom on Friday, closing Woodberry Kitchen down with friends on Saturday and waking up to brunch with pals at Gertrude's on Sunday morning. 

I look like my mother in this photo. I love that. The restaurant had the jazz band play Happy Birthday and the table sang which is still wonderful. I still feel 7 when it's my birthday and love flowers, balloons and anything celebratory like stupid hats.

"My" gorgeous Johns welcomed our group with open arms. It's always a pleasure seeing them.

We were tucked away in a quite banquet.

The breakfast breads are fabulous boasting of biscuits and corn bread.

The Gertrude's Benedict has a crab cake of course.

I also enjoyed my first Dirty Gertie, I'm embarrassed to say. It is rimmed with Old Bay.

I snuck in to the kitchen to see my pal Doug, the pastry chef. He was prepping for high tea. Who knew they had high tea? I'm so excited to go back.

Macaroons. Have mercy.

Doug surprised me with a gluten free chocolate pecan birthday pie. The crust was made with almond flour and was perfectly flaky. When we first worked together John and Doug arranged for mini chocolate pecan tarts for our event. They were to die for. This pie was just as good or better. The almond flour was a great addition with the nutty pecans.

It was wonderful seeing my Charlie so relaxed this past week.

We were surrounded by great friends.

I was coveting Emily's neck scarf. She insisted I open my present the minute we arrived. She had knit me my very own Cowl Neck Warmer in my favorite colors!!! It deserves it's very own post so I won't gush too much here as much as I want to. 

It was wonderful having a small gathering with just a few friends so everyone could talk to each other.

Laughter ensued.

Deep conversation.

And photo shoots took place with my new camera. SDM is so Mad Men. He borrowed the cigarette from someone outside just for the shot! He also monogrammed the table for our place setting on the craft paper. He gave me the most fabulous coffee table book called Equestrian Style. We are preppy soul siblings!

Always so wonderful to see our friends who are the reason we moved to Baltimore! I knew we would be okay having just one set of great friends here before we moved from DC. We have lucked out meeting so many new friends in the last four years.

Instead of a goofy party hat I choose a hot pink pair of party shoes and my all time favorite new Lilly dress. I wanted to rock the hot pink and navy inspiration from this gorgeous Pin. I'm still beyond addicted to Pinterest.

Katiecakes, you look like an angel. Thank you for being such a dear friend and for organizing the wonderful brunch! You are the reason we know half the people in Baltimore that we do. John and John, you all are the BEST. I'm so tickled by the gift of sauerkraut. I feel like a real Baltimore gal now. I'll write more on Em's handmade gift as I said but am so thankful for the gift of knitting that you've given me. We couldn't be happier to be blessed by such dear friends. Thank you all for making my transition into the next decade most enjoyable for those who were with me in person and via Facebook. Feel very lucky to know so many incredible people on this journey called life! With tons of love, Nelle


Ella said...

Wonderful photos Nelle and with so much happiness. I'm so glad for your sake!

Twist of Lime said...

Oh happy birthday, Sweets!!! I haven't been to Gertrudes in 12 years - since I left the BMA! I can hardly believe it. Maybe we should do our get together there. I wonder if the Johns would remember me?

You always have such a big smile on your face, and I LOVE that about you!!! xoxo

eas said...

That first photo of you is just great! If I was your husband I'd frame it to see that smile every day!

Pigtown*Design said...

You're gorgeous. Katie's such a doll and Scott is hilarious!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Happy belated birthday, Nelle! Looks like a great time - such wonderful images! I agree about that first cute pic of you. xo