Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Glogg Epiphany Party

This season has been filled with party after party. We ended this festival of fetes at an Epiphany party over the weekend at Scott's house to experience Katiecakes' family Glogg recipe and celebrate the coming of the Wise Men. This is an annual tradition but our first time that we've been able to make it in four years. Katie's ancestors are Swedish and I'm sure the Glogg was used to warm the soul during chilly winter months. Maybe even to warm the vocal chords to go a'caroling out in the snow. It is made with tons of bourbon, red wine and a bunch of spices. Katie wouldn't share her Granddaddy's recipe but man, oh man was it strong and tasty. We came to get down for some Glogg and much dancing took place apres said Glogging.

I went early to "help" set up and try to steal the recipe with keen eyes. (Note: I spy a bow tie flask!)

I got so distracted that I didn't do much but take photos of Scott's fantastic artwork, bow tie collection and fabulous home.

You need a curator just to make it down the hallway.

His collection of bourbon was also quite impressive.

I was admiring the new chandelier and asked where he found it. Scott made it himself! I see a huge market for these Ball Jar chandeliers. Isn't it fab?

I loved these framed yarmulkes.

Wish I knew the name of this artist. I know it has a connection to AVAM because Katie also has one in Philly. Isn't he divine with is Bud-light beer caps?

There are many Sumac's too. I could have sworn I did a post on our Sumac's. I'm working on an art post as @girltuesday suggested for Stone Hill so stay tuned. 

Scott lives in the charming village of Federal Hill in Baltimore. His apartment was a store at some point. The storefront is great for bike storage and conversation. He used more Ball Jars for lighting in this bay window area. Clever, clever, clever!

The man has such great taste and I loved his stacked books everywhere and eclectic art pieces.

I know I was a big help to them with my early arrival. I moved two chairs and suggested a new location for the beer cooler. I am an events planner. Then I proceeded to rest a bit because my new shoes were KILLING MY FEET. 

The macaroons were to die for after numerous gallons of Glogg. Did you know Patiserrie Poupon is IN Baltimore?!!! We also celebrated the magi with a King cake.

Jon got the baby (in the cake) and won the crown.

I also helped test the food. The boars head salami was a huge hit.

Secret Glogg photos. I believe I saw cardamon pods go in the sachet as well.

After we busted into the King Cake a few of us went back to Scott's room to play with his bow tie collection and don his hats. 

You see why we had a Bow Tie Bar Crawl for him now.

The man has a bow tie ladder.

To quote our favorite Sartorialist Scott said, "Be a man, wear your gay shoes!"

Cheers to the Glogg Sandi and Amy!

Come on, dance. We even tried to Wobble baby...wobble baby...wobble baby Wobble!

Much laughter ensued and joyful dancing commenced, with high pitched squeals too. Katie's nickname is HPK, for High Pitched Katie. HPK and HPN were in full effect. Scott doesn't get an H but he was full of jovial laughter as well. Don't you love the friends you can just guffaw with?!

Behold the lighting of the Glogg and Katie fussing at her best friend! So funny.

Okay so this happened too. Gotta love the Documentist.

Many thanks to Scott and Katie for a wonderful party. If I could make a wish to the Universe; I'd like more parties on Friday nights please. They make for much longer, more wonderful weekends. Thanks and love, HPN!


Pigtown*Design said...

I spy with my little eye: MR BIG!

and tell scott that i'd kill for an invite to see his place!


JMW said...

That party looks like SOOOO much fun! Gotta love a bourbon connoisseur. Clearly he knows his stuff if he had Pappy in stock. Love the bow tie flask, too. Very cool.

Ella said...

What a party:) We drink a lot of glogg (glögg) but mostly before Christmas, from the first advent and when we have our Lucia. We have it both with alcohol and without.

Nelle my friend, I can give you my secret recipe I had when I made it in the classroom with my students last year (universal of course).

Nelle Somerville said...

Thank you Ella. I'd love your recipe!

ourbookclubhasnoname said...

Glögg is definitely a Christmas drink!
I kicked it off celebrating Saint Lucia Day (December 13th Swedish holiday) twelve days before Christmas. This Epiphany party, documented by the fabulous Nelle, marked the last day (Twelfth Night of Christmas)... no more glögg until next year!

Katie said...

Kicked off the Christmas season with a Saint Lucia Glögg party on December 13th. The Epiphany Glögg party on January 6th marks the end of the Christmas season.
Dearest Nelle, thank you for documenting the festivity! Love, love your wit and style!!!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

My aunt is from Sweden and we always have a Saint Lucia party with lots of glögg to mark the festive occasion. I think my aunt's recipe is mostly red wine, port and brandy.
I'll have to have Mother dig out some pictures of my sister and me in our white dresses with candle crowns. ;-)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

What a FUN party...I met him last year at a horse race and it’s fun to see his bowtie collection! I heard you were pretty good at the robot! xx