Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Camera Woodberry Kitchen Shoot

Thanks for all of the nice new camera comments. My family gave me a Canon EOS Rebel T3 for my birthday. I purchased this lens so I could take special food photos and add a deep depth of field and cool bokeh. I read a bunch on this blog for encouragement and this one too and am so thankful for their posts. I was a photographer's assistant in high school and college. I've shot friend's weddings as a gift. I would love to be a photographer full time in my dream job, but I'm not. I just love taking photos and this blog has been a great creative outlet for me. I still have a TON to learn about photography and am really just playing until I can get to a class. Why I didn't focus on photography in college as part of my art major is a total mystery to me. I should have and now that I'm wise and 40 I am doing what I have always desired and enjoying this hobby.

We were at Woodberry Kitchen (shocker) and sat at the bar a few weeks ago. They are used to Papparazzi Nellie. I dare say I had a blast shooting. How pretty is this French 75? 

I had a Martinez. They brought it in a Martini glass and I may have huffed a bit saying, "But wait, where is the cool ice cube?" The female mixologist was on it and dashed to the back of the house for my perfectly hand carved ice ball. I swear it makes it better.

You simply can't take a bad photo at this place and we heart the coffee program.

My sweet Nancy even stopped by for a visit. Looking pretty Nancy Pants! Love, Mother Nelle

I even caught Jill Snyder in the fuzzy background. I love this shot.

And it's always fun running into Spike.

Woodberry is a semi finalist for the James Beard Award. Big ups Woodberry.

For Valentine's Day I gave E a gift certificate to Artifact Coffee. "Articash" get it?

I made him a latte art heart card that he found on his coffee mug. I love him.


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Such great pictures...I had a great delicious dinner at Woodberry this month! I recognize the gentleman to the left of Spike from a dinner we had with A&J. xx

Worthington said...

Whut! A French 75 that isn't lemony-champagne colored? I now want (need?) to know what is going into my #1 cocktail to make it look so unique! It looked pomegranate-ish.

Anonymous said...

That's actually the "Pink Cadillac," the a French 75. Made with vodka, pear syrup, grapefruit bitters, and sparkling rose. Still beautiful though!

Nelle Somerville said...

Ooh so glad to have a correction source. I was hoped up on Martinez' to get the verbiage correct. Thanks Anon!

Lindsey said...

All of these photos are fantastic! I got a Canon Rebel T3 for my birthday too! I'm still learning to use it though and definitely need to invest in a better lense. But all in all they are fantastic! My husband says it's the best gift he ever bought me because I'm constantly using it.

Bethany said...

Your pictures just keep getting better! I need to play with my camera some more. We're going to Baltimore this weekend for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. So much fun!