Friday, February 17, 2012

Zinc in Charlottesville

After the Trump trip we headed into town and found a gem of a restaurant called Zinc in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.

We love our farm to table restaurants and Zinc did not disappoint.

The space is a very casual, upgraded cinder-blocked, former auto shop or garage, I'm not exactly sure. 

There were very few folks on a Saturday night, but again this is a college town and we were thrilled for the attention of our waiter.

The Libations' list was extensive. I recently got to meet @FloridagirlinDC and @Frijolita in real life at Woodberry Kitchen a few weeks ago for brunch with Charlie. Feeling inspired I asked the waiter to bring me an old fashioned drink made with gin and to just surprise me. I had my first Martinez and was hooked. 

All of the cocktails looked good coming out of the bar at Zinc.

I asked the waiter if he knew how to make a Martinez. His jaw practically dropped on the floor and said in all his years of working at Zinc no one had EVER ordered a Martinez. We high fived and I had street cred for the rest of the night. Thank you Woodberry mixologists! Who knew a little drink would gain so much respect in a restaurant. Again, still learning to play with my camera so the photo is a little dark...but the drink was superb.

E. ordered the Deviled Eggs to start.

I had the scallops.

E. got the chicken fettuccine for his entree.

I had the Sweetbreads, giving me big points from the open kitchen and executive chef Justin Hershey.

He not only showed off his culinary prowess but charm for the camera.

We were smitten with the food, ambience and tasty beverages.

The best part about my camera is that I'm not using a flash for any shots. Makes for a much less obnoxious dinner with my shooting photos every five minutes. E. humors me and is excited that I have something I'm so passionate about.

It was one of the best meals I've had and was very surprised to find it in this converted gas station. I read that they recently changed the menu. We were thrilled with our choices and I'm frankly glad it wasn't a Tapas joint.

I'll tell you more soon about the new camera. It is so much fun and the best gift ever. Thanks again you wonderful family of mine. I love you. E. thanks for the great date at Zinc. 

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Worthington said...

I am so glad that you went to Zinc, it is such a gem of a restaurant!

Btw, I love sweetbreads, too! I enjoy getting them at Petit Louis when in B'more but may try something different this time!

Great pics with your Canon, my Dad loves his new one, too!