Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Grow Garden


I'm so delayed on posting that I just wanted to share how lovely our garden is growing these days. During my detox I was looking out at a straggle of grass and yuck. Many of these photos are from over a month ago. More to come soon. Humor me while I take another blog break. The first one was so productive and I've now lost 14 pounds on Kasia's Whole Foods plan. The garden has a white, lime green and red "theme" with hints of lavender coming later in the summer.

E. ordered our mulch and we hired some help but did most of the mulch ourselves over a weekend. It is such rewarding work. Very much like polishing silver. You have an immediate sense of gratification.

I moved these hosta's from a sad little area in the corner of the yard and they have flourished here!

E. and our great pal Brad hung a new glass door in our old shed. E's been working on this baby all winter and it is nearly finished. We found this fabulous green lamp at Housewerks. It is from the Natty Boh factory and E. had it rewired and mounted outside. How Baltimore is that? We had dinner watching the sunset in our little red chairs. We dream of a deck here one day.

My sweet Charlie has also created a real live orchard at Stone Hill Farm. We have one  apple tree (shown on the left) and three pear trees (to the right). He chopped the taller branches down so the fruit will stay lower to the earth and we can hope to have more fruit. It seriously looks so different now. There is more light on our fig trees and the upper part of the garden.

The side yard now has white impatiens after the beautiful pink peonies died off and our hot, hot pink azalea leaves dropped.

It is a happy day when you fold up your mulch tarp for the season.

I hate this grass and need to dig the stuff up. It would be awesome if it actually worked like a border but alas, I've tried and tried and it just clumps up.

Hydrangeas are one of my all time favorite flowers. We had them all over our wedding too. I love this pre-bloom photo.

We've planted red geraniums every year in these pots that were left at the house. This is in honor of our honeymoon location at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island. The red pops of color makes me so happy throughout the garden.

Our back yard finally looks good too. Some of the hosta's and sedum came back up.

The Shasta daisies are up now and I've pulled out the white leggy pansies from the winter and replaced them with white impatiens.

We have worked hard to kill the weeds this year. Say some prayers the new grass seed and weed killer works. I've enjoyed watching the redheaded woodpeckers during our breakfast. We truly lucked out when we found this place and all of the hard work is so worth it.
Blessings to you my Charlie for all of the hard work you've done on the yard. Can't wait to watch our garden grow this summer.


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Ella said...

Thanks for this feeling of walking around in your wonderful garden. Love that green lamp. You have both done a great job!

Anonymous said...

I covet your garden! Seriously envy, that is. (MMM)