Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busiest week in Baltimore

Last week was awesome but I'm too tired to talk about it. So enjoy it in photos.

Saw Duff play with his band.

Viewed this Baltimore themed Charm City Cake.

Arranged for the fire boat to circle the Inner Harbor. One of my favorite touches. 

Saw Florence and the Machine.

Watched the best concert of my life with 75,000 friends.

Got to say hi to John Waters again.

Enjoyed a gorgeous sunset at Silo Point.

I couldn't have gotten through last week without the laughter, support, and friendship of my great work colleagues. You know who you are. It was the most fun I've had while working since my WashingtonInc days.

Take a peek at Meg's, EAS, and Bethany's U2 posts. They do a great job detailing the show. I've truly never seen a better concert in all my life. 


Bethany said...

It truly was an amazing week! I'm still listening to U2 in my car at full volume.

Love your pictures. I didn't know that Duff played in a band. Hope this week just as fabulous. xoxo

Pigtown-Design said...

Great pictures! I always love seeing the fireboats in the harbour!

Thanks for the link.

Have a great 4th weekend!

Ella said...

Wow, I'm impressed! What a week, U2 and all the work you have done, I hope you will have some time to relax now this weekend.