Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stone Hill Corn

We moved to Stone Hill over three and a half years ago. We won the lottery, as I've said before, with our amazing neighbors. I sometimes hear the neighbors who share our wall sing to each other in the evenings. I mean...seriously? How cute and precious is that?  On one of my early morning photo shoots I ran into our wall-sharing neighbor Guy. He was tending to his "Stone Hill Farm" out in his garden. 

He planted two varieties of corn so the crops would come up at different times in the summer. I believe the taller of the two will be as high as my eye on the Fourth of July.

Guy. What can you say about Guy? First story is that when we were considering buying the house, E. Googled Stone Hill and found that the man who lived next door to our potential new home wrote the history of our little mill village. It is published in a spiral bound book and we received one as a gift when we moved in. Guy was also on the board of Tai Sophia, the school where E. got his masters degree. They had MET before we moved here. Isn't that the most cosmically cool coincidence? When I met Guy and his wife Pam for the first time, I burst into tears. They are just that kind of couple. They move you to tears with their depth and vast goodness. 

Pam is a great follower of this blog and I mentioned to her in passing that I have a very big week coming up. We have over 4,000 guests coming to Baltimore for an important conference. I'm planning many of the events and have been consumed with work for the past year. Guy and I spoke for a moment this glorious morning and he asked me, "When you are finished with your events I want to get together with you and ask you what you learned." I don't remember the last time someone asked me what I learned from an experience. Makes me think of "work" in a whole different light.

Knowing that I help promote Baltimore to the world Guy spread out his arms and said, "Show them this about Baltimore!" We are lucky beyond words to have such abundant soil, great souls, wise men and women and corn in our future from the most local farm in Baltimore! To all the guests coming from all over the world, we welcome you from Stone Hill to the Inner Harbor. I've never been so tired, so exhausted or so excited for these events. The anticipation is exhilarating and I look forward to seeing the city bursting at the seems.

Guy, I look forward to our visit after next week. Thank you for your interest and helping me to stay present with this whole experience. Pam, thanks always for reading. I love you guys very much! We both do.


Ella said...

Hi Nelle
You must be very lucky to have neighbors like Guy and Pam. I wish you can share with us your answer to Guy after that huge event. I'll guess you have many answers.

Pigtown-Design said...

I think that all the press has been great! The weather has really cooperated for you all.

Hope to see you soon, and show you the new house.

meaghan grace said...

what a sweet looking baltimore farmer. Love old stone house!