Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stinger and sister visit

Before our vacation to Florida I had a weekend off and had to go see Marge and her gaggle of girls in DC. My littlest goddaughter Stinger is getting way too big. She's three. I have no idea how that even happened. She has TWO sisters now. 

Anna Frances is the newest Plum on The Hill. Stinger calls her Hernal as a nickname. I can't remember how she came up with it but it makes me scream with laughter every time I think of it. They are nicknaming her Frannie. Oh how I love southern names.

We had a wonderful afternoon filled with telling stories through drawing while the littles had their afternoon nap. 

EC is now fondly nicknamed a million things but Sissy is my favorite.

Stinger showing me how big she is now.

We had a beautiful walk on Capitol Hill.

These little push bikes are so neat. 

She's really big. Very important to three year olds.

Marge and Sissy

Scott prepared dinner and Eric joined us from the train later that day. It was such a perfect day with some of our DC besties!!! Love you Plums!!!

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