Saturday, April 27, 2013

Elizabeth Clare's Baptism and Christ Church, Georgetown Windows

Last weekend we jumped in the car at the crack of dawn to get to Christ Church, Georgetown in time for Hastings' little sister's baptism. We haven't seen Marge and Scott in forever! It was a great excuse to road trip to DC. I loved working at Christ Church for almost 3 years and always loved when Stuart would point out the stained glass window of Christ's baptism by John.

Elizabeth Clare was sound asleep during the service. This was the first time we met her. 

Facebook steal from Emily Miller
She fussed a little during the baptism but Stuart always does an incredible job connecting with the newly baptized. It's like the kid knows some deeper truth and gets quiet at just the right time.

It was so wonderful being home. I feel like I truly grew up in this church. I had to go shoot a few of my favorite things while we were there.

I call this window "Michael's" Mary and Jesus window because it is Michael, the Music Director's, office window. See the organ pipes to the right? Michael plays the organ to the glow of this window every Sunday. 

This is a better detail shot. I'm still learning how to shoot stained glass windows. They are tricky. 

The parents, godparents, grandparents and friends took pictures in the back of the church near the Baptismal font. These windows have the most story telling opportunities. Many sermons were given by asking the congregation to turn around to focus on a window. It's one of my favorite parts of this church, my faith, and the memories I have from CCGT. I took a  youth group to Ireland in 2003 from the church. Some of my favorite days were when we were re-learning the gospel through the Celtic crosses and the stories they told.

EC was knocked out for the photo shoot. How beautiful is Hastings? I can't believe how big she is. She was just learning to walk in this post. Now she's singing Old MacDonald during the sermon!!!

Baptismal Font with peonies.

Flying Parker and Kathryn.

The morning of the baptism was also a Rite 13 ceremony. Christ is a teenager in this window teaching the elders in the temple (Luke 2:42-49). It's the reading as part of the Rite 13 service along with the reading of Psalm 139. It was a wonderful bookend for the baptism of this brand new baby and the 13 year old young people moving closer to adulthood. It all goes so fast and we do have to remember that we are marvelously made. 

After the wonderful service we walked back to the car on the most beautiful, chilly spring morning in Georgetown.

We got to Capital Hill and were greeted by a beautifully set buffet table, spring blooms and catering rounds in the den. The furniture usually in the den is now in the basement apartment that Marge and Scott just took back to add more space for friends and family to VISIT. Yeah!

I also loved getting to see my sweet friend Kimberly and her new baby boy. He was a big flirt and I loved snuggling with him during the brunch.

I had fun hanging out with Hastings and Kimberly's other two boys. Lord in heaven they are all so adorable.

Hayden is the oldest and just a love bug.

Oliver is a little mess and just the cutest creature. While Kimberly was nursing the baby I was hanging with the boys. All she heard me say is, "Oliver, Oliver, Oliver." Ha. Precious.

I tried to be creative in my entertainment and found a pencil for the fellas to bang the doorbell bell. It worked like a charm. I still got it. Baby boy whisperer.

Oliver was completely taken with Hastings' cousin's violin. Maybe we have a little musician on our hands.

We love you all and were so happy to share in this special time. We just need to see you and your precious girls more often. 


Worthington said...

What a wonderful post! You all clearly had a picture-perfect day, both indoors and outdoors. I loved the photos of your beautiful friends and their families. The buffet for after the baptism was stunning, as were the floral arrangements.


Sundresses and Smiles said...

Wowee...gorgeous church, gorgeous flowers, gorgeous brunch, and GORGEOUS BABY!!!

annechovie said...

What a beautiful post, Nelle. The baby and all the kids are so adorable. Sorry I've been so MIA lately - been swamped with work, etc. Please come over and enter my give-away. xo