Monday, July 16, 2012

Stinger Turns One at Yards Park

My goddaughter Hastings, a.k.a. Stinger, turned one on June 17. It is crazy how fast this past year flew buy. Check here, here and here for our Hastings posts. We drove down to DC to celebrate at a wonderful outdoor venue called Yards Park. The weather was gorgeous and the park had many fountains and shallow rivers for kids to play in. It was an ideal event location for happy children and happier parents. Marge arranged for brick oven pizza's to be delivered from Matchbox and had ice cream, cake and plenty of adult beverages for the big kids. It was so easy, simple and everyone was relaxed. Isn't that the best kind of party?

"I'm One Y'all!!!" Best rock star impression ever Stinger. She was ready for the party and loved playing in the water. We got stuck in a little National's traffic coming in from Baltimore so missed the wet fest.

We loved seeing so many of our friends from DC and their kids who are all growing up way too fast. Check out Kirstie's new fabulous website. If you are traveling with kids to DC this is a must read!

It was also great seeing Hastings' Hiller grandparents.

Stinger loves to wave and was listening intently when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. 

She did a dainty job of attacking the cake.

The little darling started walking 7 days before her first birthday. Again, this child is a rock star!

I, of course, couldn't get enough of her and lucked out getting to feed her.

Pure bliss!

Paparazzi Nellie tried something to see if she would pose...

...she was not having it. Smart girl.

Post dinner she did a few downward dog sun salutations.

Loved seeing Kathryn and Whitney too! Little T was playing shy.

Daddy Scott created a perfect bubble show. I simply adore this shot.

We went for a walk to check out the big kids in the deeper pools from an above deck. One day Hastings darling, you'll be big enough, but can you slow your role on growing up so fast please oh please?

The sunglasses game is another favorite.

Marge thanks for such a fun party and exposing us to a great new park!
"Look people, 7 days and I'm workin' it!" She has the most hysterical wiggle walk and Marge and I cracked up over this photo.

Happy Birthday precious child. You are beautifully and marvelously made. We love you to pieces and your fabulous folks, Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie 

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Worthington said...

She is so flipping cute! I love her smile and that cake is awesome. You have such a beautiful family!