Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summertime visit in Annapolis

I missed my precious Overmyer's so much I ran out to Bay Ridge in the middle of the week this summer when E. had a soccer match. For the cherry on top, Melissa's momma, Mee-Maw-Maw, was in town from Texas. It only took me 50 minutes when it can sometimes take 2 hours to get to DC. That just stresses me out. So a chill visit to Annapolis was just perfect. Their house is a whole other blog post. I didn't take nearly enough photos. We had too much to catch up on, pre-vacation. 

Their wildflower patch is where I first fell in love with Zinnias. I'm sure I loved them when I was little, but Melissa let me plant her field one year. I was hooked. They are mixed in with cosmos. Her summer bouquets with the hydrangea just happy up any room.

We had a rough winter and their poor hydrangea didn't have any blooms this year.

When I turned the corner onto the gravel road, underneath the golden weeping willow vines, this new/old little boat greeted me. They had just picked it up on Craig's List earlier that day. 

Mee-Maw-Maw and I had a good visit under the haint blue porch ceiling.

I love having my grandmother's hands captured on this blog. It made me think I needed to take May May, Melissa and her wonderful mother's hands.

No No Bambini was way jealous. He's an inside cat. He is a Scottish Fold. He is precious.

I did a bad job of documenting everyone but loved having time with my dear friends. Moving to Baltimore, you would think we lived in Colorado. I just need to make more time. Love you O's!


Anonymous said...


This post is so interesting! My husband and I lived in downtown Annapolis as newlyweds. Of all the places I've lived, I miss Annapolis (when I'm feeling nostalgic). Your photos are fantastic...I don't have a clue where this house is, but it looks more like a farmhouse in a rural area than an historic house in Annapolis. Thanks for posting!

Take care,

Nelle Somerville said...

Hi Molly,
It is a very old house in a sweet little village in Annapolis. Not downtown. Thanks for reading,