Thursday, February 27, 2014

Black Tip Shark Reef and Turtle Love

I was on the guest list for a fun opening six months ago. I had a date with a very important turtle and some sexy little sharks at the National Aquarium. The museum went under a great renovation to add a Black Tip Shark Reef with over 700 animals. I remember hearing about the renovation and thought, huh, it couldn't look that different than it did before, but I was wrong. The biggest difference was the reef. The coral was and is magnificent. If you haven't seen it yet, get yo'self to the National Aquarium stat.

One of my all time favorite people in Baltimore runs the social media marketing at the National Aquarium. @KateKateBear on Twitter and @natlaquarium. I love going to the aquarium with her because she knows so much, finds the best fish and sometimes even takes me behind the scenes. 

Calypso is our three finned turtle. I love her so much that I seriously cried the first time I saw her and get seriously choked up when I spot her on my visits. I don't know what it is about her that makes me so emotional. It could be that she was once a wee little egg and made her way to the sea, was harmed and rescued by the aquarium in 2000. Sea turtles are usually not held in captivity so it is really special that we do have her in Baltimore. 

In the new exhibit there is an interactive wall where you can write what your connection is to water and have your picture "made". "Turtles I love turtles" was my answer. I grew up in the Midwest. We spent our summers on Lake Michigan, Destin, Florida or Seed Lake in Georgia. I've always loved the water. When visiting Hawaii in 2004 I saw sea turtles up close in the wild. I love how box turtles sun themselves on fallen trees in the estuaries of North Georgia. Spotting a turtle seems very common and also very lucky. They look like prehistoric creatures and I just think they are the neatest. 


The event was great and I got to hang with some of my best pals. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time of our friend Craig. I said something funny and he dropped down laughing. Love. IT. 

This one too! My darling Kate Kate Bear and The Front Rowe are getting hitched this May on the water, naturally. We can't wait to celebrate their adorable, funny, creative union. Thanks Kate for always giving the best tours. I miss your face to pieces.  

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