Monday, February 3, 2014

Lucite Love and Desk Bling

I'm not sure where I saw the beloved Lucite stapler first. Apartment Therapy? Or was it Elle Decor a few years ago? I have always wanted one and I finally caved and bought myself this little joyous luxury when I moved into my new office. If it had a name it would be Milton. "My stapler", think Office Space, needed friends. I found this mouse pad, and a matching tape dispenser too to cheer up my 1979 desk. Now I wish there were Lucite mice and clear cords out there. Where is Steve Jobs when I need him? I posted this photo earlier today on Instagram, during a horrid raining day in Baltimore. A few of you asked where I found some of my desk bling. Enjoy. May it keep all of your work days sunny inside.

Sparkle Barbie pen was a gift from my French exchange student Virginie.

Clear ruler, came with the desk.

There is even an engraved Lucite coaster from one of my wedding couples from this past November.

Flowers from an event by Flowers and Fancies.

Now the only thing I need is a Lucite calculator and some Washi Tape. Every letter I've received in the last week has had this tape stuck to it. It's basically paper tape, not plastic tape, sometimes made from bamboo. Do a Pinterest search. Holy bananas.

I love the idea of having this pretty tape in my little fancy tape dispenser at work. I can't remember the last time I taped anything but expense receipts. Wouldn't your accounting department love a little chevron action while getting audited. Must. Do. This.

I have always liked the look of the clear tray as well. Shows off all your baubles while having the illusion of being organized.

Still on the hunt for a clear calculator. Hit me up if you find one. 


Jade said...

Thanks for sharing, Nelle! :)

Sarah said...

Such a cute stapler and I love those desk looks!


Michelle Murphy said...

Beautiful, welcoming, happy-looking desk. Thanks for sharing!