Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stone Hill Spring Blooms 2013

I don't think our garden has ever looked greener. This spring has just been incredible. When you look back to this post a few weeks ago the difference is awesome. Our pear blossoms bloomed on all three trees and we didn't have a wind storm knock them down this year. I'm praying for an ample crop. 

We had another Barred Owl land in this tree last week. I went over to see him and our neighbors all got on their decks to look at this majestic creature. He flew away, maybe due to shyness, and his wingspan was incredible. I call this the Owl tree now. The shot on the left was taken two days after the one on the right. We had some great rain that made everything come to life overnight!

Pear blossoms at sunset.


The weed of the season was chick weed. It was insane. I've never even heard of a weed of a season. But had to pull this stuff up before we mulched.

The bird nerd in me caught this Robin flying around the garden. I needed a faster shutter speed but still love that we have so many birds visit us daily.

Grape hyacinths always remind me of my friend Mander.

Tulips from our yard. I transplanted these bulbs while they were in bloom and they drooped in the yard. Had to cut them and bring them inside. The penny trick works so well!!! Add a penny to your tulip vases and they won't "over" open.

Creeping hydrangea.

One little red tulip bloom from our adventures at Sherwood Gardens last fall. We have another 5 blooms that haven't bloomed quite yet. I'm over the moon excited to have tulips in the garden.

Sweet Woodruff

Hasta shoots

More sweet Woodruff. I love this ground cover and moved a little bit to the front of the house. It spreads beautifully on a sidewalk.

We had four whole daffodil blooms.

E. thought I ruined the grasses by cutting them back. Behold! They live and are sprouting beautifully.

The pear blossoms make me so happy!

Our neighbors have fabulous daffodil's and have a new redbud tree. I just love the tiny slipper buds. We have so much mulching to distribute. I miss condo living when I see the pile of mulch, but then gasp in the glory of spring and this yard despite the hard work.

Sending great wishes from Stone Hill Farm to you and yours. What is blooming in your garden? Happy Spring!!!


Anonymous said...

Those pear blossoms are AMAZING! Beautiful property.

Samma said...

Oh, it is just beautiful! I love watching everything come up in the spring- such a wonderful surprise every year.

eas said...

Amazing!! Isn't spring in the mid-atlantic amazing? You are lucky with each and every bloom.

Worthington said...

What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. I am happy to see your hydrangeas are progressing about the same as mine which makes me feel better - I thought I might miss them this year. I guess our late snows pushed them back a few weeks!