Sunday, April 14, 2013

Charm City Cakes 2013 Summer Preview Party

It's been too long. But I've been having a blast and want to post some photos from an event I attended a few weeks ago before another month flies by. I am having a great time at my new job and have been in the news on-line a bunch this week thanks to our killer PR team. Thank you Profiles, Inc.! My dear friend Elizabeth came up from DC to attend the Charm City Cake preview party two Thursday's ago. We had to make a night of it and ended up going to Woodberry Kitchen for a quick drink and nibble beforehand. It was Liz's first time so I tried to be quiet and let our fantastic server Clare introduce her to the menu and concept of the restaurant. I sat back quietly nursing my delightful hand cut ice cube and the Attaboy! made with Blue Coat gin. All hail spring. 

We went for the beef tartar and meatballs to tide us over before the party.

Katie Rose, Maryalice, Duff and the whole Charm City Cakes crew welcomed us to the studio for a preview of their 2013 summer collection. 

We all received a high resolution CD of the cakes. I mean! How beautiful is the Olivia cake?

The Viv is maybe the sexiest cake I've ever seen. Who knew cake could be sexy. 

There were event planners from all over the DC/Baltimore Metro region and it was fun running into people I haven't seen in a while.

This gorgeous creature went to middle school with my Charlie and is working with Chicka! How Smalltimore is that? The bunny ears belong to a very smart and glamorous Baltimore Bride magazine editor. 

The cakes were displayed beautifully and reminded me of a fashion runway show.

The cocktail food was done by Copper Kitchen and was fantastic. The chef from Ixia, Kevin Miller, started Copper Kitchen and I keep hearing awesome things from this rising catering star.

My sweet friend Alexa just used them for a very cool event recently in Harbor East. I meant to post about it but just haven't had the time or energy to blog frankly. Gotta stay focused and every day I get home, sitting in front of a computer is the last thing I'd like to do. I am still taking a million photos so please enjoy my Instagram feed. I'm trying not to Instadump photos but feel a few of those posts coming in the near future.

We jumped into the kitchen to say hey. This is my favorite part of a party...the behind the scenes view.

I introduced B&O American Brasserie's chef du cuisine to Kevin and Duff. 

Meanwhile back in the main party there were cakes to be tasted. Oh my gracious!

The carrot was my favorite.

Copper Kitchen's cheese display was gorgeous with great use of copper pots for jam.

I've posted about the Charm City Cake Crew before here. It was fun to see the gang all dressed up.

They were inspired by a 1980's Trapper Keeper for this wall on the left. When I went to get my coat I felt like I was in Duff's childhood bedroom with these heavy metal stickers everywhere. How awesome is that? Reminds me of one of my oldest childhood friends! Forever young Erin!!! 

The studio has been repainted for a softer look. Now that they aren't on TV anymore they don't need the bright walls. The space looks gorgeous and so different. I like that they kept the Foosball table.

And the Maryland flag is still hanging proudly as well. 

My dearest Janelle, said editor, was also in tow with her trusty iPhone and creative eye. She did a great post on the party for Hitched a Baltimore Bride blog.

Geof and I caught up about coffee shops.

We were all given fabulous little goodbye gifties with sprinkles and a CD with all of the amazing photos that you can see here. Enjoy!

Mary Alice, thank you so much for the invite. It was wonderful seeing you and the gang. I love that we get to work together again. To all my event gal pals, big hugs and love always. Duff, thanks for noticing that I have four or five colors in my eyes. That was cool. You really are an artist! 


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Wow! What a fun event!!


pve design said...

Reminds me of my wedding cake. It had that same sort of modern yet elegant simplicity to it. Those cakes take the cake. Must visit that bakery~ more than charming.

melissa said...

What a fun event! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. They are such talented artists - and what a fun medium! And your horse dress is fabulous.

Worthington said...

What an awesome event. I adore the photo of the Martine cake, as it is in the same style/color scheme of what I want to do with our dining room! I always think Geof was one of my favorites on the show. You can tell these people are such a team and true friends to still all be working together!

(I am going on a comment frenzy to distract myself from this Boston news. I will totally fall apart if I follow it too much.)

Ella said...

Haven't had any plans to get married again, but these artistic cakes....