Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Wedding at the Hotel Monaco

I hope you all love your career as much as I love mine. Being an event planner is not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination but I love it. When I went through the discernment process to become an Episcopal priest during the turn of the century (how funny does that sound?) I withdrew after I realized I wasn't being called into the priesthood.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that I was being called back to the hospitality industry. I briefly hinted about my new job in my last post with this link. I'm now planning the weddings and social events at the Hotel Monaco and work for the B&O American Brasserie. I'm excited to share with you a few photos from one of the first weddings I helped organize this past weekend. 

The ceremony was simply set in our Athens ballroom. 

This guest book table photo was my favorite of the night. The flowers were done by My Flower Box. The succulents and lanterns were so simple and elegant.

The couple's initials greeted guests as they entered the reception.

We served house made charcuterie, sausages and four types of cheese during the cocktail hour.

The Paris Foyer was a perfect fit for this group of 120 guests.

Flowers and Fancies did a photo shoot the night before and we used the hydrangea and curly willow on the cocktail and highboy tables so they wouldn't go to waste. Flowers make every party an occasion in my opinion.

The casual reception had multiple buffets and mixed seating with large and small tables. There were 20 children invited so the kids had plenty of room to run around and enjoy the night without it feeling too stuffy or formal. 

I have created a hashtag on Instagram with my Daily Chandelier shots. I'm obsessed with the light fixtures at the Hotel Monaco. 

One of my favorite lighting features is on the outside of the building. We set the lights to our couple's color of choice as a complimentary love note to the passersby on Charles Street. The bride this weekend wore an emerald green gown that was to die for gorgeous. We surprised her with red up-lights.

All of the food comes from our restaurant, the B&O American Brasserie. The chef prepared classically southern and fun food for this party. Fried green tomato and crab cake sliders, feta cheese lamb sliders, country fried chicken and mashed cauliflower potatoes were scattered in three areas of the room so lines were not and issue.

The cavatappi mac and cheese was served in our gorgeous Le Creuset Dutch ovens. Guests could add bacon, crab meat, peas or ground beef to their dish.

The Monaco Caesar was served individually in a Parmesan Crisp. I left before the dessert came out, but instead of cake, this couple opted for miniature pies, coconut cream tarts and house made marshmallow.

And as a final surprise the bride had a popcorn station at the end of the night for her new husband.

Sending the very best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to I&C! Thank you to the fun team that helped make the night a huge success.


Bonnie said...

Nelle how great that you are doing this. You have found your calling. If I ever get married again, you will be in charge - lol

Beth Dunn said...

That looks stunning! You did a fabulous job

Baltimore Prep said...

Congrats on your first event! I think I have mentioned this before, but my sister was married at your hotel in August. It's my favorite hotel in the city and I am always looking for an excuse to visit. It would have been fun to work with you...I'll have to send you some of the photos!

Michelle said...

Hi Nelle! I finally have a chance to go back and read your blog (apart from reading the post with Shawna officiating). It was fun reading this post because that was the day we met with you and Randie.

We are so excited about working with you and the Hotel Monaco!

Michelle + Mike