Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rusty Love Vintage Rentals

My sweet friend Janelle invited me to join her at the opening of Rusty Love last week in Cockeysville, Maryland. She wrote a great piece on the event for her Baltimore Bride Blog Hitched, here. I swear I didn't steal her photos, we just shot so many of the same tempting details. Sorry for the poor quality photos. I tried to be low key and only used my iPhone.

We were welcomed by a plethora of teeny tiny cupcakes upon arrival. 
I've enjoyed speaking with the owner Angela this week, doing some research for a New Years Eve wedding. This antique rental concept is so brilliant. It makes me wanna punch myself asking, yet again, why didn't I think of this!

I've been collecting old camera's for years and love the idea of a staged photo booth with old cameras as extra props. So many of these items could be found in my darling mother's basement, or at our lake house for that matter. You used to be able to dig for old bottles in the bank at Lake Michigan. Now I'm seeing them everywhere on table displays. Eric and I just reclaimed his grandmother's trunks and suitcases. How fun to use them as an end table for a cocktail party grouping! Too bad we left Jessie's suitcases on the porch, in the rain. I don't think our guests would enjoy a side of mold with their mojito!

While working in Brooklyn with this gem of a gal, my favorite detail was using an old window to write love notes and poems in white paint pen where the guest book rested.

I met Carla David at this party a few years ago and loved seeing her incredibly creative and beautiful papers throughout the party.


Angela has mismatched chairs and farm tables as well as tufted chaise loungers for groupings.

We met so many wonderful vendors, but a highlight for me was meeting the maker and creator of the best vegan donut I've ever tasted! Abby Cobb from Dudley's Desserts makes dairy-free, Vegan & specialty sweets! I was too stoned off of the cinnamon donuts to remember but I believe she even has the option for gluten free treats...be still my heart.

I spy vegan whoopie pies. Every bride's dream I'm guessing.

Rent a pew

It was a girly, paper porn extravaganza back at my office when I returned home to asses the calorie damage and collection of great contacts.

Thank you so much Janelle for such a fun night out. It was so great to meet so many people I had hear about from you and others in our fun industry. Thank you Angela. I truly hope we can work together soon.

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