Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Zia's was one of the most surprising items Kasia pointed out during the Whole Foods tour. They sell vegan, raw desserts and some dips at a few local grocery stores. I didn't really think I had a sweet tooth but missed something sweet on occasion during the detox. The lemon chiffon pie was a huge treat and seriously to die for good.

This is half a slice. They are very rich and I only needed a sliver to whet my sugar craving.

It is made without eggs, sugar or dairy of any kind. The crust is formed with toasted coconut.

They even cater to the raw food vegan dieter! Click here for the menu. 

I can't wait to actually have lunch at Zia's in Towson. That has been the hardest part about this Whole Foods way of eating, where the heck can you eat out? Kona Grill offers soy sauce alternatives and has wonderful seaweed salads. I'm still holding strong with no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy but am looking for other restaurants that serve raw vegan foods. Please send suggestions if you live in the DC/Baltimore metro area.


JMW said...

Oh, that looks so good! Perfect for a summer dessert. (The plate is very pretty, too!)

Ella said...

You're doing a great job with that diet for so long time now. The cake looks really good!