Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy in Baltimore

Our Maple tree is finally turning colors for the fall. I haven't been home much the last week due to a very busy back to back event schedule at work but have been checking on our beautiful tree as often as I can when it is still light out.

We love our trees in Hampden.

This Cherry Blossom tree is outside of Lovely Yarns on The Avenue and changes sweaters with the seasons. They have stich and bitch sessions on their porch. I can't knit but that sounds right up my alley. 

My first group in visiting Baltimore got to see the Warhol exhibit at the BMA, have lunch at Gertrude's with a visit from John Shields AND they got to shop at Ma Petite Shoe.

Nothing like shoes and chocolate to make your day a little brighter. Thanks again so much Suzanna for the sweet treats and great service.

Just a few days later my team and I welcomed ten guests from around the country for another education tour about our fair city. I ran into Anthony Anderson in the Baltimore Hilton lobby as the group gathered for the Ravens game. He's funny in person too. 

The Raven's played the Miami Dolphins last Sunday. We won!

Horrid photo but I was racing to the kick off and while running had to snap fast. I was THRILLED to see that M&T Bank Stadium has a Rosdeda Beef Stand. Seriously the ability to get a grass fed beef burger at a ball game makes me want to get season tickets!

It was a beautiful day and Uncle Charlie even got to join me because someone cancelled at the last minute.

The weekend was packed with great local staples. We had a welcome crab feast. Did you know you can request for your crabs to be "washed off"? It still has the amazing flavors of Old Bay soaked in but isn't AS messy.

The next morning we all woke early for a beautiful breakfast.

One of the hotels put together a beautiful luncheon.

The chef made a Butternut Squash Soup with apples. 

The fish was delicious with a Pinot Noir reduction sauce. 

We had a great view of the city and it gave the group a birds eye tour before getting outside.

This Norwegian tall ship was visiting the Inner Harbor.

Ahoy careful up there!

The Pride of Baltimore II was also docked.

We got to see Bailey at the National Aquarium who was teaching us that water connects the world and we have to be careful to protect it.

Eric courted me in Baltimore when we were first dating and took me to the dolphin show at the National Aquarium. It was so romantic and we had such a great time. Every time I go back I think of that date fondly.

The Baklava at Kali's Court was to die for good and the end of our very busy two days and my busy week in Baltimore.

Uncle Charlie sent me flowers at work for a job well done and because he was a little concerned about my health. When I'm running, running, running I sometimes forget to take care of myself. 

So to get back on the health track here are my suggestions. Start with three Granny Smith Apples, one large piece of ginger (about the size of four fingers), fresh mint and old school spinach. No need to spend cash on prewashed baby spinach for a drink you will chug in three minutes.

Then take one industrial strength Breville juicer. This was one of the best wedding presents ever!

Juice the apples first.

I used about three big "branches" of mint and two bunches of the spinach. I washed off the spinach...sandy little devils. If you are really feeling horrible I suggest two cloves of garlic for good measure.

And you have yourself a Green Nellie Monster. I came up with this recipe one morning and E. high fived me. It really is tasty as the apples sweeten it beautifully.

Take two shots of Cod Liver Oil and a dash or two of Jade Windscreen (not in the Nellie Monster for heavens sake, yuck) for good measure. Rest and repeat.

Thank you Eric for your love and attention this week as I was spinning out of control. You are my rock friend. The flowers were such a huge surprise. Thank you!!! I love your face the most, the most!!!


pve design said...

I love magic potions like that!
Cheers ! Happy Friday -

Trish said...

Hey there sweet friend,
Looks like you really have been a busy bee! The flowers are absolutely GORGEOUS and I am ready to jump through my screen over the baklava picture - YUM! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, I've been thinking of you! xoxo

Nelle Somerville said...

Trish!!! I saw your latest post. I'm so glad to see YOU and have been thinking about you as well!!! Read my Hampden post when you get a sec for another Baklava photo. Did you go to Graham Elliott in Chicago?

Cheers again to you PVE!!!

Pigtown-Design said...

Sounds like a busy week, but you had great weather the whole time. Friends in Fed Hill went to a party on the Norwegian ship.

Heading for brunch @ Woodberry tomorrow with a friend from NYC who's here for the weekend.

Glad you can make it on the 3rd.


Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

reading about the green nellie monster as i eat a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin from whole foods. ugh. xo

Ella said...

Lovely colorful photos of the Maple tree and the knitting artworks. I wish you a calm weekend. I will be reading a very special book from Baltimore, perhaps you can guess which one. I'm preparing a post about it..