Sunday, November 21, 2010

Corradetti Glass Studio

I was invited to join a group last week at the Corradetti Glass Studio for a glass blowing class. This studio is in Clipper Mill right next to Woodberry Kitchen. Anthony and his wife Julie are so wonderful. Their space is large, open, and great for groups.  

They started out with a presentation of how glass blowing all works. There are blow pipes and furnaces. The glass is heated up in the furnace. I'm still not 100% sure how they get the glass on the end of the pipes but somehow they dip it in the furnace and it comes out on the end of the blow pipe.

The group watched, took photos and anxiously awaited their turn.

Corradetti's artwork is in the White House permanent collection. It was purchased during the Clinton Administration. A great girlfriend, from my American University semester Fall '92, gave me the most amazing gift. She had the White House Collection of American Crafts book signed by a dozen artists in 1996.

Anthony didn't sign my book in 1996 but I plan to take it back to have it signed in Clipper Mill.

I love the whimsy of this piece.

I can just imagine my girlfriend Jen waiting patiently in line and asking the artist's and author for personal notes to me. It's such a nice gift. Thanks so much Pelzer!!!

White House Collection of American Crafts
Click the image to purchase.

The glass is 2000 degrees when it comes out of the oven.

I blew the glass as Emma turned and twisted the bulb into a perfect orb.

It went very fast and the results were stunning.

Everyone got to choose from three different options. I chose this simple, clear glass bulb. 

They clipped it off the blow pipe in preparation for the loop.

Hot, hot, hot glass. Safety was key.

It was clipped and turned into a loop within seconds.

The gallery is filled with beautiful ornaments, vases and unique artwork.

They even delivered the cooled ornaments to the hotel for the group. This is my finished bulb.

Thank you for your hospitality Anthony and Julie. I will cherish my Christmas bulb and think of this fun day every year. And many thanks to Sharon Fisher and the AME Companions for their great interest in Baltimore and seeing outside the Inner Harbor for this program. I loved helping you put it together. Thanks again Pelzer for the wonderful White House Collection of American Craft book. It was fun going back and looking at all the artists who signed it for me. You are so wonderful!


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So funny! We were there last Saturday and were enchanted watching them blow the ornaments!