Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Georgetown and Stationery

The streets where I lived before moving to Baltimore are the streets of Georgetown. I went to Christ Church, Georgetown for 12 years. It was my anchor in a very transient city. I loved it so much that I worked for the church after 9/11 for three years. I worked also at the George Town Club on Wisconsin Avenue for another two years, so my days were spent working, living, and running in Georgetown. I live lived in Dupont Circle, just a few miles away.

I simply adore Georgetown. I felt guilty when I returned last week after a very long while. You'd think a 30 mile drive wouldn't keep me away three years, but truly I've only been back a few times for church, and haven't stayed more than two hours. 

But her streets are beautiful. Georgetown is classic. Polished. Old. Fancy. 

There is nothing like Georgetown in the fall.

And the shop I had to make time for was Just Tea and Paper.


Carolyn and Nick Wasylczuk are the owners and became good friends when I worked at the George Town Club one block up the street. They printed place cards and menu cards for the club weekly for events.

3232 P. Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

My granddaddy owned a paper company. I'm a paper snob. I have a problem. I seriously go crazy for stationery. I save wedding invitations, thank you notes, baby announcements and Christmas cards. I have them organized in about eight three ring binders, in categories. 

I love writing letters and thank you notes. 

They also have a huge selection of Christmas cards and my favorite Le Pens. I think it makes a difference having a pen you adore to write a thank you note.

So if you are ever in town stop by Carolyn and Nick's. 

We received a great gift to preserve all of my paper obsessions from our wedding. Here are a few samples.

This was our save the date that I bought from Petals and Postings in Kalamazoo, MI.

Our wedding invitation.

E. picked the reception card icon because we went to The Grand Hotel for our honeymoon. There are no cars on Mackinac Island, just horse and buggy or bikes. It was heaven.

Eric's mother let me design the rehearsal dinner invite. 

I had so much fun with the stamps and the address labels too. I think letters are like little presents you get to open again and again. I have STACKS of letters organized by date from my step dad. I love the odd shape of his handwriting. It's hard to read at first. We wrote twice a month and now that he is gone I cherish his letters.

Our programs were my most favorite part.

And we just used our last of the cocktail napkins, three years later.

Carolyn helped me with the escort and place cards.

We pulled the same icon for the place cards and the menu cards.

I was so thrilled to get my new monogram and chose this shade of coral for the seal.  I just noticed it matches the Stone Hill Farm coral background too. This is a Crane's seal and you can have it embossed in any color. It made Carolyn laugh that my monogram is the National Security Administration.

I love writing a note to tell someone how much I appreciate them. With this tech heavy world I think the art of writing letters is dying, but it will never go out of style.

Enjoy the fall and go write someone a letter today.


susan said...

I saved everything from your wedding it was all so lovely. I have a "just in case" file So just in case one of our children decides to get married I have inspiration. So, thank you Nelle and Eric.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures!! It was fun to see all the wedding invitation designs and start thinking about ideas for that future wedding!!

Nelle Somerville said...

I'm assuming Susan is Sue right? It won't let me "see" anything but your name. I love that I was your flower girl. Do you have photos of us rolling down the hill in our dresses?
EmmyLou I started buying wedding magazines WAY, way before I even met my husband. You can never plan too early. :)

Susan said...

It sounds like a road trip to Just Tea and Paper is in order. I'm sure Katie would love to join us!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

ohmygosh...my BFF from high school lives in DC (actually, do does one of my sisters now)...but on a visit to her i stopped into this store. love that area. so perfect for the fall time.

love the punch of coral! i'm really needing to do the same!

ADG said...

So. You come to our neck of the woods and you don't call.

Webtrish said...

I love your blog. We recently moved to B'more from Michigan, and your blog has led me to interesting stores and restaurants. Plus the photos are great. My husband is from near K'zoo. I laughed when I saw the "Yes there really is a Kalamazoo" bit. People always are surprised - they think it's made up for the song.

Nelle Somerville said...

Thank you Trish! I Gotta Gal is one of my favorite songs!!!

ADG, I literally was in town for 2 hours. So sad really. Had lunch on Capital Hill and dashed.

Tiffiday love that you love the coral and have DC connections too.

Susan, yes, road trip to have a massage at MINT.

pve design said...

Just gorgeous! Love your invites and the program and that monogram is lovely.

Nelle Somerville said...

Thanks Patricia!!! Means the world coming from you oh master of great taste!