Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Alison's Bridemaid's Luncheon, The George Town Club, Washington DC

Hello dear ones. I had to dust off the 'ole blog to share Alison and Michael's wedding weekend adventures.  It's been over a year since my last blog post. Feels like confession. That's three Bloody Mary's.

Driving into Washington, DC from Baltimore felt like coming home for a family reunion. The bride, Alison, was one of my "youth groupies" so hilariously named by Lizzo years after the actual J2A classes. Alison was 13 when she was in my class. She admitted she HATED it at first. Man, I'm so glad she stuck with our youth group at Christ Church over 20 years ago.  

Ewalking and I left DC ten years ago. I was the Director of Catering at The George Town Club then and ironically, the luncheon was held at the club on Friday. It really was a blast from the past. They have opened up the windows in the Main Dining Room, refreshed the sofas in lighter shades of beige, and done an outstanding renovation in the Club Room. It was such a treat to see it looking so fresh. 

I also worked for Ali's dad, Stuart when I was at Christ Church, Georgetown. I remember Fran opening their home for a rectory new member reception, I was maybe 23 years old and remember hanging out in the kitchen with their youngest daughter Margaret Grace and middle child Stuart. Ali's dad was the rector of Christ Church and married us 10 years ago. When Stuart came to our wedding my cousins all greeted him like an old friend, since he had been participating in our football and basketball bowl pools for years. When Stuart finally won the pot one year, I remember everyone cheering for him on-line because it had been quiet a long, dry run of loosing. 

But I digress. See, I still go around the world to tell a story. Back to Bridesmaids and bubbly.

And garlic scapes in the flower arrangements. Be still my locally grown heart. Fran and Linda hosted this beautiful party and the flowers were from Ultra Violet. 

Franny, these are all for you. Since we love to document all the little details,especially the food.

The mother's were beaming ear to ear. Laughter and wise womanly advice was given freely. And a few tears were shared when Michael's sister told us all how much Michael comes alive when Alison is in the room.

Alison, Fran and Jeanne.

Linda thought of absolutely everything. She gave each friend a vintage handkerchief tucked in a Victorian paper nosegay cone. I desperately needed this gift on Saturday watching Stuart walk Ali down the aisle. But let's not jump ahead. She also asked friends to write letters of advice to the bride.

Alison's fabulous vintage dress was a score on one of her many trips around the country at Bad Granny's Bazaar in Oklahoma City. She is an award winning producer at ABC for Good Morning America and met Mike on a Bike at work. Watch their video below learning to tango!

I'm sure I'm not the only one having a wedding weekend happy hangover. I loved meeting all of these smart, brilliant and beautiful women. And of course hugging your faces, Hadley, Margaret and our beautiful bride!

As we left, Fran gave us these fabulous Scout bags. Expertly filled with comforting welcome goodies. That Popped Republic Popcorn is a game changer!

Words and pictures really can't express the love I have for the Kenworthy's. Stuart gave me a job after loosing mine after 9/11. Teaching J2A at Christ Church with Shep and Ann will still be one of the favorite seasons of my life. Ali loves to travel and I think, just maybe, it's because we all went to England on a holy pilgrimage together in 1999. Then in 2001 we camped in the dessert of Mexico on a mission trip. We took bucket showers and grilled our food. Now she jet sets all over the world telling stories. By the grace of God she found Michael who is the perfect ying to her yang. Michael's mother hugged me as if we had known each other for decades too. It was a full-on-love-fest and we truly couldn't be happier for you both. 

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