Thursday, June 29, 2017

Brunch in the Garden, 6.11.17

Stinger and I got to have a sleep over with her family over the wedding weekend. It was a rush of activities on all ends but man was it fun to see the Plum girls.

I even did a sneak attack at the soccer pitch on Saturday afternoon to surprise my goddaughter. Stinger the Ringer was in great form even though they got 14 to zero. She still had a great attitude and coach Scott was a champ.

It was hot for the last game of the season.

So proud of this little nugget. Way to go coach, Daddy Scott.

Sissy was off with Momma Marge to a party after church. We got a few hugs and giggles in before the garden brunch send off.

Janice, Frederica and Margaret hosted the most gorgeous party at Janice and Wiley's home by the pool. 

I hadn't been to their house in years but I asked Eric to notice how beautifully Janice uses hot pink as accents. I've always admired Janice's style and taste and begged her to show us her pink china. Of course she was more than gracious and we had such a fun adventure to the basement with Hads, Brads and Frederica to see her fun patterns. She even showed us her gorgeous hot pink bedroom. She does the best job mixing masculine and feminine details, and gives all the credit to her amazing decorator Jeannie. Yellow is the happiest color. That porch awning is to die for beatiful and was a perfect landing spot to cool off and visit with old friends.

The pink tandem bike cocktail napkins were such a perfect touch for their send off brunch. 

When the Youth Groupies were in full effect we traveled to Holy Island, England for a pilgrimage in 1999 and to Tecate, Mexico in 2001. While in Mexico, we gave all the kids nicknames. Ali's stuck. This was a trick from my sorority days:

Alison Kenworthy
Ken doll
Barbie Hot Wheels
Hot Pink

I joked with Stuart asking if he got stuck in a walk of shame situation. That's his tux from the night before. I mean, how perfectly awesome is that? He got stuck in the Pride Parade. Who knew the fun spilled into Sunday? He and Franny couldn't get back to their condo over the river so he rocked the tux day two, in gajillion degree weather. Way to rock it Padre Stu.

The Kenworthy kids, less Ali, stayed up very late, at Old Ebbitt...until 3 am. Nice form gang!

E dashed home early, which gave me time to talk to Ali's new husband. Michael and I spoke about the parish family that is Christ Church, Georgetown. How they have been looking for something similar in New York. Being home at CCGT ignited something in me as well. It reminded me how close I felt with these church friends. They are like family. From the outside it may look a lot like Hermes ties and Tory Burch everything, but the spiritual depth of this parish is alive with the Holy Spirit. From the mission groups to the traveling homeless shelter. From compline after Lenten Wednesday suppers to the Red Cross Food Truck. I miss it terribly. I pray you find your parish home in New York guys. And you should really teach a J2A class to give back, both of you!

When I was 24 I drove to CCGT on the snowiest of Sundays. A WInc friend told me to go to Christ Church because the balcony was the best singles scene in DC. Christ Church, Georgetown doesn't HAVE a balcony. I was supposed to go to Christ Church in Old Town. Mistake, or was it the Holy Spirit leading me to this parish to find my spiritual legs? I had been reading Stuart's Courier three months prior to committing and felt called to finally show up during one of the worst snow storms in DC history. I got my car stuck in the ice right outside of the church. Howard S. and Jay C. pushed me out of my spot after church. They were the first people I met and it was incredible celebrating with them and other church friends over these past few months to celebrate this family and this couple. 

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