Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby Boom

We just got a group text from Todd Cole that he and Daniela are in the hospital with contractions coming a few minutes apart. Huge crocodile tears streamed down my face as I typed my response to this incredible group of friends.  The anticipation is so freaking huge for us. I can only imagine what T + D must be going through. We celebrated with them on October 3rd for a huge baby shower at Martin's West. Mrs. Cole is a celebrity at this venue.

Ms. Cole even found Todd's Mystery Machine bank as a gift.

Daniela's mother flew in from California. This is going to be one gorgeous little man.

So much laughter. Watch Todd and Scott's faces. Jeano looks so gorgeous.

Scott down. Ha!

Boy band cover art with Kevin, Eric, T Cole and Scott.

Cutest bump ever. The chairs were decked in O's logos. This child has more baseball gear and cute outfits.

Todd's sister Kelly helped run the games.

My precious in-laws. Todd calls Jean every mother's day.

Sending blessings and love on this exciting night to you Todd and Daniela. We love you.

Lord, keep watch over Daniela, Todd and the baby, the doctors, nurses and all who come in contact with our friends tonight and tomorrow morning. We rejoice in the coming of this new life and look forward to greeting Baby Cole with shouts of joy. Thank you Lord for the gift of life. In your sons name we pray. Amen

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