Thursday, October 16, 2014

N + K Welcome Party

Nancy and Kristian's wedding weekend began with the greatest, laid back taco feast. The event space was such a super secret find too behind Bottega in a hidden patio area. 

The bar was set as a buffet station with gallons of freshly made guacamole, handmade salsa and deep fried chips. I know lots of their family members pitched in to cook. They seriously need to start a taco truck. The shredded pork and steak tacos were to die for delicious.

It was fun seeing their parents help in all the prep. Beth Ann looked very comfortable behind the bar. 

The bars were my favorite part. These little morsels are true time machines. The brown butter rice crispies were scrumptious. Nancy's brother is a test kitchen chef. He and his fiance Gina, my new favoritest person on the planet, made the bars. Butterscotch blondies and heavenly lemon bars. Bars. Good.

I love welcome parties for weddings. We go to meet all of the South Dakota pals, family members and work friends of N + K.

Brotherly love.

Cutest couple ever. Again, I'm blown away by their mad-fast planning skills. 3 months to plan the greatest wedding weekend we've been part of in years. 

Thanks again for including us you lovely creatures you. 

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