Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring at Stone Hill 2014

I kind of missed the photo shoot spring party this year (2015) but wanted to post last years spring to compare. Our figs are still not producing leaves for the second year in a row. Just sad little sprouts.

Pears are flourishing and E cut them all back this season.

Good neighbors' dogwood.

The dianthus from church came back twice the size this year. See instafeed.

Sweet baby snake was living under our stone. I love little snakes. LOVE THEM. None spotted yet this year. But I do find their skins all over our stacked stone walls.

The ornamental plum cam back with a vengeance. But I do want to cut back our azalea on the left. 

Weigelia. Originally from Eastern Asia.

E's seeded this section of the yard so thankfully more grass here.

When I was little I loved Lillie's of the Valley so much that I ate them. And then was rushed to the hospital because they are poisonous. I survived.

Last year looks a little more lush than this year.

Guy and Pam's cool Iris.

E just cut this tree down on the fence.


We had 11 peonies blooming in 2015.

And we have baby robins in our cedar tree this year.

Thankful for our green space in the heart of this great city. So much has happened in the last month. We feel lucky to have a place to exhale and we hurt for all that are suffering in Baltimore. This town is so incredible. People don't see that from the news. Even the people living in the heart of the suffering are trying to help people change their lives around. I post pretty photos of garden and horses. But my heart is heavy. I feel like I've been holding my breath for the last month. April 27th was terrible. Watching the news couldn't even give us a perspective of what was happening blocks from our back yard. We could hear all of the helicopters in our neighborhood. I shop at the Mondamin Mall. This is our community.  If you want to help here are a few organizations that are doing it right:

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