Thursday, May 7, 2015

Downton Tucky Post Bourbon Trail

After sipping on bourbon all afternoon, our planners conspired about the evening.

Some of us chose to nap. If I laid down there would have been a fear of never waking up until morning. So I stalked the fields of Downton Tucky camera in hand.

Crush worthy barn.

I walked down the property to meet up with part of the group. There isn't a filter on any of these photos. It was truly just a perfectly blue sky without a cloud in sight!

Neighboring farm.

Caption contest

Some fed the neighbors horse and almost lost a finger. :)

E walking. Crush worthy husband.

Coffee was brewed and fingers of whiskey poured. It was the most relaxing afternoon.

No zombies were spotted.

Take that back, two were spotted. 

The bulk of the dinner was made by the chef-owner of the house. The kitchen was of course where everyone hung out.

The owner of the manor was Irish. Failte is Gaelic for welcome.

A few played cards. 

One smart friend made a fire that felt like the ribbon on this perfectly wrapped present of a day!

Just look at the light as the sun went down. It was magical.

The friends who liked to cook, cooked. The friends who didn't pitched in and cleaned up. It all seemed to get done without having too many house rules. I loved not being in charge. I swear. I am a total planner, bit of a control freak.  I loved not having to think about a thing that weekend. Everything we needed was there and if we forgot something, somehow it would miraculously show up.

We ate outside on a brisk night and toasted and roasted our Katiecakes and Tony.

Hedda gave Tony a symbolic gift. Katie's hiking boots from an incredible trip that the girls all took in Washington State. Our Katie went up 30 vertical miles in boots that fell apart on the first or second day. It didn't phase her. She just met people along the way that had duck tape...and ended up sleeping in her boots to keep them from falling apart. 

Other's toasted and roasted as well. Many tears were shed about joy through friendship and finding love. It was wonderful.

Then the best part of the weekend commenced. The games. We learned how to play Chicken Foot.

Which was pretty tame.

I was doing well and then did really, really badly. You don't want a bunch of dominoes left over. The least amount of points wins after the series of the game.

But the really hilarious part of the night was Hedda splitting the group into two sides: West Side, vs. East Side, and we played Celebrity. Old school version. Everyone had to write two separate names of a well known celebrity or character onto two pieces of paper and toss in the bowl. Susan and I were timers of either team and Hedda kept the score.

It was exciting, dramatic and competitive to say the least. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. My sweet husband had to act out the celebrities without any words and he was so good. I was beaming with pride.  Katie and Tony's side won, of course, West Side Story.

Tony, ring-less.

Good, good times with a fun memento made from the bride.

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