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Katie and Tony met at an event at The Barnes Foundation three years ago this month. Katie called Eric and me in Florida this past September moments after Tony popped the question. Her best college buddy Hedda, who you met here on the blog, helped Tony finagle the surprise out at his parents serene home. We were so thrilled to get the news and took the high pitched squeals (HPK) to a new level. We celebrated this past weekend in Philadelphia to celebrate their nuptials. I usually post in chronological order but I'm too excited to share the photos from the event to play by the chronological rules of storytelling. Pour some brown liquor...this is a long one. 

A few of us brunched at the Honey Sit & Eat for a pre-game warm up.

I drew this picture of Katiecakes without seeing her gown at breakfast.

We popped into see the bride after brunch at the Rittenhouse Hotel in the Park Suites. 

One of the most touching stories of the day was of this precious lace hanky. Katie's oldest friend Carolyn bought this for Katie 13 years ago and began to pray for a husband for Katie. She surprised Katie the morning of her wedding. Can you just? I mean. Pass the tissues.

The guys stayed for a minute before the girls got into a rowdy game of cards.

Carolyn opened the Veuve. We toasted and then let the bride get ready. 


We raced back to our little AirBnB in Fishtown and I walked to the Danger Salon to get a blow out. They asked where the wedding was going to take place and I told them. The stylist to my right said, "Oh, I didn't know they did weddings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art." They don't. This was the first wedding ceremony and reception to take place at the museum.  

We took the worst Uber ride ever, got stuck behind trash trucks on a Saturday evening (Memorial Day result), no air conditioning and then had to walk up the Rocky Steps in heels. We were so thrilled to arrive at this glorious scene. Security guards let us in. If you were in black tie you may have been able to sneak in. Ha! E checked us in to get our seating assignments.

As guests arrived on the East Terrace, champagne, water and a signature cocktail with gray striped straws were passed with strawberry. I'm guessing it was a Pims Cup. All of our Baltimore contingent were dressed to the nines. Notice the soft grey Chivari chairs with white linen cushions?

The ceremony aisle was set in a unique serpentine design. I tried to be as present as possible, knowing their photographers would catch all of these details. I did take videos of the ceremony that took up all my storage in my cell. It was a good thing. 

We made it on time just as the sun was setting behind this majestic location.

And got to sit next to Bill and Ted.

Here comes the bridegroom.

Our beautiful Katie and her father. Photo credit: Sandi Wilson FB grab

Tony took one look at Katie and had to turn away. I could see the tears in his eyes. Eric captured this exact second. I love sitting so I can see the groom at weddings. Chills.

To have and to hold, Mr. and Mrs.

I love my husband in a tux. Manhattan's were passed after the ceremony along with the most gorgeous, delicious food from Starr Events.

Mini Margs. Texas represent.

Beef tartar and watermelon with whipped feta cheese hors d'oeuvres.

Sushi and dumpling stations.

This is one of my favorite photos from the weekend. Katie and her Baltimore babes. It was so fun being at a wedding where E and I both knew so many guests. 

Scott donned the ever appropriate dinner jacket.

And helped E fix his bow.

I stole this photo from the Wedding Party App. The raw bar was off the charts amazing. Shrimp, oysters and crab claws for days.

Morgan was the super star from Stephen STARR. She and her team were at every event, taking care of the tiniest of details. I was so happy to take this shot of her in her element making sure the bride got a nibble.

It wouldn't be a blog post without a little food porn right? The tomato gaspacho shooters with pine nuts were my favorite. 

Katie kisses.

Love my Katiecakes!

Mark is the reason Katie met Tony. Thank you Mark! I've never seen our girl happier. They went to college at American together.

I snuck into the tent before anyone else to go flower bomb photo happy. Sneaky.

The bar had many of our old friends from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail adventures.

The tent had a view of Benjamin Franklin Parkway and a few friends may or may not have cooled their tired feet off in the fountain after dancing for hours. I heard security got involved. Please tell me this is true.

I always notice the service stations for the event team. Part of my job. What a beautiful table set for wine and water service in four sections of the room. 

The table seating featured alternative textures and styles. Long farm tables with ghost chairs and flower runners hugged the middle section of the room. Can you see the guys up on the ladder making sure the lighting and tables were set? The photographer got up there just as I ducked out. 

Mixed base plates with mercury glass candles.

There was an onion jam butter for the popovers on the butter plates. To. Die. For. The flower garland were breathtaking with hints of yellow roses, white hydrangea, peonies and hasta leaves.

Rounds graced the corners with linens and tall arrangements with simple linen nailhead chairs.

The edge of the dance floor boasted more long tables with textured linens, hanging chandelier flower arrangements, soft seating and candle runners.

The rounds in the back section of the tent had tall cherry blossom branches, and yet another different blase plate.

The cake was so gorgeous and didn't have the finishing touches but the mirrored glass reflected the light later on that evening for the cutting of the cake.

Katie ordered hemstitch napkins with their signature "S" and will keep them for parties at their home. I may have stolen a few said napkins. I blame the Blantons. There were place cards for a few tables with calligraphy that matched the wedding invitation. Grey was a continuous color throughout the wedding but didn't look theme-y. Very nice my dear!

Her bouquet had the most gorgeous peonies, anemones, roses an hydrangea.

Chandeliers hung from the rafters of the tent. We basically swung from them until dawn.

Morgan helped me find my table and I dropped my camera bag. Primo dance floor location.

Our Kentucky buddies joined us at table six.

Toby and Patrick too. I blame Toby for the miles of my cleavage all night long. She made me drop my purity shawl. Most hilarious was Amanda hiking up my dress at one point. Oh brother the girls were out. I blame the Blantons. Scott, Sandi, Caroline and Troy and Stephanie and her husband were all with us at six too.

Guests danced to the Eddie Bruce Band as soon at the doors opened. Tony was so thrilled they were available with their quick 8 month engagement. It was hands down the most fun dance party I've ever been to. I've never danced so much in six hours. Katie wanted everyone to dance in between courses. The genuine love in the air and friendly camaraderie of so many that had gotten to know each other in Kentucky and from parties leading up to the wedding made it that much more memorable. 

Blantons with Branch water was my poison all night long. Didn't mix with wine and was actually great the next day. Fine bourbon.

Robert and Scott. Two great sartorial thinkers.

Katie telling everyone to get on the dance floor after dancing with her daddy.

Katie's brothers stood in as brides-mates and Tony's two brother's as groomsmen. Ryan's kids, A & D were the flower girl and ring bearer dancing with their gorgeous mother Frankie.

The Texas girls were all so much fun. They had a church service earlier that morning with their pastor from Irving, Texas.

Everyone danced. Even E! All. Night. Long.

Kelli's dress was fabu.

Coveted Robert's hare cuff links.

Mark Mills FB grab of the couple's first dance.

As the sun went behind the museum the tent just glowed.

This is my favorite color of the day. Cobalt blue. There truly wasn't a cloud in the sky all afternoon. Earlier in the day there were tons and tons of clouds.

The first course was a grilled peach with Burrata and pesto.

Probably the most incredible detail of the evening was having a choice of entree at the table for 339 guests. I asked Morgan at the brunch the next morning how she did it. She said, two kitchen tents and lots of people. The flowers, the music, the event was fancy...but offering a choice at the table blew my ever loving mind. We also danced in between courses so it was perfectly timed. Freaking amazing.

E and I picked the Branzino. I snapped a cell shot before they Frenched the asparagus and grilled vegetables. They passed dessert and french fries. I missed both because I was on the dance floor.

Stephanie found my camera and caught E. and I on the dance floor. Thank you.

At one point Katie got with the band and played the air sax. Her dear friend Duke joined the band to sing Prince. He's a singer in the Navy. We couldn't believe how freaking good he was.

And it was over before we knew it. We've all been texting and talking and saying how intimate, authentic and delightful the whole weekend was. Katie took an Uber to her own wedding. She didn't have bridesmaids. She was relaxed the whole day. It was amazing, but beyond that it was totally Katie and Tony's personality. Yes, very fancy, but never felt stuffy for a minute. Both families were so gracious and kind and all of the friends mingled effortlessly. It was just divine.

The crew grabbed flowers to grace our heads and lapels on the way out to the after party.

My darling friends. How I have loved documenting the events of the last few months during your wedding journey. May your marriage last a lifetime. May you be kind to one another. May you forgive each other with grace. May the Lord shine all of His light upon you for all of your days. 

With deepest love,
Nelle and E

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