Monday, March 16, 2015

Alison and Matt, The Avenue, Nashville 2.15.15

E and I went to Sunday brunch on 2/15/15 around the corner from Matt and Ali's wedding venue. We literally ran into it on our cold walk afterwards. I saw the ceremony set up and said, "I bet this is where the wedding is taking place." It was a cool coincidence.

Hours later we found our way back to The Avenue for the five o'clock ceremony.

I love this photo so much. Warren and Ali's dad Gene are awaiting their daughter's walk down the aisle by our beloved Busy.

I know there was a photographer, but man am I glad I took these rouge photos. No flash but caught the moments at the front. 

No bridesmaids bouquets, but adorable banners that read Hooray! Really good paper porn in my humble opinion.

Matt glowing when he sees his bride.

She was stunning!

Yep, all the feelings. Knowing Busy was so worried about crying, and then seeing her tear up as she walked Ali down the aisle made me huff for breath choking up, and makes me have all the feelings again, just typing these words. It was a truly, beautiful, beautiful moment. Not just for Matt and Alison, but I know for us who love Biz so much walking her first child to the alter. Precious.

Deep breath Al. These cuties met in high school so that was an exhale of many, many years and a long walk. And then I turned off my camera and witnessed this beautiful union.

Eric always takes the best family photos of the Landreth's. He nailed it again.

We snapped a few shots and then gathered upstairs for cocktails as they "flipped the ballroom". An action I know all too well, and The Avenue executed the flip seamlessly.

It was wonderful seeing family I haven't even met before and Austin who grew up somehow in the last few years. 

The sisters got the navy blue memo.

Flip flops were offered for sore feet. It was freaking freezing, freezing cold, like 10 degrees or some nonsense, however so Ugs were also a good choice.

The decor was simple an elegant. The food was fun, easy and really tasty. The buffet offered carved turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans. Another station had Mac and Cheese with fixings of bacon and mushrooms. Bruschetta and tapenade were also a nice, light touch.

Family Bengochea

Belden Family

Belden to Bengochea

When bustling Ali's dress (cue; Every Day I'm Bustling) I asked if she wanted to wear her veil the whole night. She asked what I thought. I suggested she'll never get another night to wear a veil ALL NIGHT LONG and to go for it! It was so beautiful and looked fantastic in her photos.

The bridal party and my Janie in her Ugs. That niece has her own beat AND you can dance to it.

Damn good Mac & Cheese

Matt's mother, Alison and Busy.

My David's girls.

Cinnamon frosting, be still my heart.

Can you hear her drum?

All of this time with my people made me miss my people even more. We have missed far too many gatherings.

Uncle Charlie had the best time ever at the photo booth. He is the one that grabbed the hot pink hat and mullet wig. I love this man to the outer depths of my soul. I mean, is he not the cutest creature ever? 

Ali and Matt, we are so glad we had such a fun weekend to get to know you as a couple in Baltimore. We loved your friends, worship your family and wish you the very best as a couple. May the joy you felt on your wedding day carry with you all the days of your life together. 
Love, Aunt Nelle and Uncle E

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